Twantea Ate

I’m officially 28 (ermm… slightly more than a month ago)! Really?! o.O It feels as if I wrote my 27th birthday post just a little while ago!

I took a 2-day self-declared birthday leave and so I had a really good long weekend! Here are some of my birthday highlights:

1. Went for Japanese buffet lunch at Kuishin Bo!

The first time I went to Kuishin Bo was… 3 years ago. We were planning to go to Smoke House initially, but he decided for this restaurant instead at the last minute.


Sashimiiiiii! Definitely the first thing I happily picked onto my plate! :D


Bite-sized cakes – most of them are yummy! I remember when I went to Kuishin Bo with Rani and Irma, we actually took plates (notice I said ‘plates’) of dessert the moment we stepped inside the restaurant. Hahahaha!

Ok, end of food pictures. Was too hungry and couldn’t be bothered to snap so much.


Btw, this post has been delayed for more than a month and my hair is not even like this anymore. I’m back to short bob! :D


2. Super cute birthday gifts! 


I swear I turned into an over-excited 5-year-old kiddo the moment I saw “Instant Mini Camera Building Kit”! Look at that hand-drawn tag and the tako on the box ^^


Lego Polaroid

The end product! SO CUTE!!! :D

This custom LEGO kit was ordered from According to the mister, he used to create LEGO building guides for custom objects and he started to actually prepare the kits and sell them afterwards. He’s not associated with LEGO in any way, though.

He does have some really cute creations up for sale. Do check out his website! :)

Some stickers were actually included to be pasted on the “polaroid” photo “paper” (see the Marilyn Monroe one in the above picture), however he wanted to put our picture on it instead (that’s the whole purpose of him buying this set actually!), so there you go!

The other cute gift was from Juju! Look at this fluffy sheep:


Hahahaha another Nici to be added to the family!

3. Went to see the “100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo” in Johor Bahru! 

This deserves a separate post! Coming soon :D


4. First time receiving a birthday gift from a client

I was truly surprised when the client came into the office for a meeting (with me) and she suddenly handed me this!

So sweet of her!! :)


5. Surprise from the circus penguins!

It actually happened 1 day before as I would be on leave on the day itself.

I was just sitting at my desk, killing the keyboard away (my colleagues said that at the pace and force I’m typing, my keyboard would have been dead sooner or later) doing work, all of them suddenly barged in through the back door (my desk was near the back door) singing Happy Birthday, bringing Corica apple strudel!


Apparently Ms. Peanut had just came back to Singapore (she was away for honeymoon in Perth) and she brought this back!! :D

My last encounter with Corica was when I went to Perth 2 years ago, so this was a really pleasant surprise!! =9


6. FINALLY had my 2 years worth of birthday dinner

A lot of Indonesians have this habit of treating their loved ones for a birthday meal (instead of the other way around here in Singapore). My cousins and I adhere to this tradition as well. I did not actually treat them for a birthday meal last year coz I spent my birthday itself with the mister and I got so busy afterwards that the year has gone by to 2014 hahahaha!

So I didn’t want to miss it out again this year and we finally had it just last Friday at Akashi Restaurant in Paragon! Used to patronize this outlet quite a few times before and the food did not disappoint :D

And they gave me…

S$150 Courts gift card!

I was quite puzzled initially… “Why would they give me Courts gift card?” (coz normally we’ll give each other shopping vouchers, e.g. CapitaMalls, Takashimaya, etc. if the gift was to be vouchers).

Then I suddenly thought, “Hmm… Maybe the mister has something to do with this.”

And yes, I was right. Hahaha! So apparently one of them asked him on what have I been wanting to buy lately and he mentioned air fryer, bread maker, musical tickets (Cats, Beauty and the Beast). Hahahahaha!! No wonder they gave me Courts gift card. But I like it though, not complaining! :D


Okay, so that’s some snippets of me turning 28! 2 more years before I hit the big 3! o.O

Oh my… time does fly too fast sometimes…

First week of November

Rushing before the clock strikes midnight!!!!

Some things that happened on the first week of November 2014:

1. Gobbled down a delicious bacon prune bread. Yes, you read it right. Bacon AND prune. 

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

The outer part of the bread was a little hard to cut and chew but I like it anyway. The combination surprisingly tasted good! It’s from Tiong Bahru Bakery.

2. Got my Daniel Wellington watch

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I had been eyeing this beauty (Classic St. Andrews in Rose Gold) for a few months and finally decided to get it a day before Halloween. It was a Thursday and they shipped it the next day right away. I received it on Monday, 3rd Nov! Bless you DW for providing free shipping with UPS Express.

What’s even better is that I found a 15% discount code by googling AND I think they excluded the VAT because I don’t reside in the US. Hence, the price is even lower! The original price was USD 199, and the final price after discount and minus VAT was USD 135.32! Such a steal :D

Love how simple it is and how it is so versatile with any outfit!

3. Had a yummy Sakae don for lunch after a Friday morning meeting 

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I don’t go to Sakae Sushi regularly, so this was my first time trying out their Sakae don. Basically it’s everything salmon related on a bed of rice. From L to R: not too sure what this is, but it’s a little bit spicy (my guess is salmon mentaiko?), tobiko, salmon mayo with ikura on top, more tobiko!, and salmon sashimi. It was yum! And for S$14.99, I think this is worth the price!

4. Sending Ms. Peanut off to her wedding

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Hahahahahaha it was as if she was our daughter or something. We popped some champagne on Friday because Ms. Peanut was getting married on Sunday (which is today!). It was a quick and happy celebration. Too bad boss couldn’t join us as he was on a business trip to India.

I sent the above picture to the company’s Whatsapp group chat and Ms. Peanut just had to add a disclaimer, “For the record guys, I’m not pregnant ok!”

Hahahahahahahahaha! She does look pregnant indeed coz her clothes blended in with the chair. Hahaha!

5. Stuck in a bus stop for more than 30 minutes due to thunderstorm

Processed with VSCOcam

This happened just yesterday actually. Mr. Phlegmatic and I went for dinner at Wee Nam Kee chicken rice in Novena and he wanted to walk me home afterwards. However, it started raining the moment we stepped out of the restaurant -_- so we decided to gai gai inside Novena Square for awhile while waiting for the rain to stop. After about 20 minutes or so, we saw the rain has subsided, so we walked out, and about 100 meter later, it started to rain again, and it just got heavier and heavier and heavier from there. -_____________-

We had no choice but to ran for shelter at the nearest bus stop because the rain quickly turned into a thunderstorm…


Yep, like this.

It was so bad that visibility was significantly low and there was a mini flood at the bus stop. The wind was pretty strong too that we had to open the umbrella to shield ourselves from the splashing rain hahahaha.

Finally it got better after about 30 minutes or so and we could take the train home.

6. Tried Hokkaido milk for the first time

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

I’ve been hearing so much about how the food in Hokkaido are lip-smacking good, like the corn, milk, etc. I’ve seen this brand many times and decided to give it a try today when Mr. Phlegmatic and I were at Isetan supermarket (we love finding some Japanese goodies there).

My verdict? It’s nice! But too bad it’s very pricey at S$2.10 for a small box :(

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Our dinner. Hahaha! Nah, coz we just had some food at a friend’s place (they were having a house warming and baby full moon celebration).

So we sat down at Food Republic just beside Isetan to nom the daifuku and drinks. Purposely chose a table that’s quite hidden behind a pillar cos we did not purchase anything from the food court (a bit paiseh lah). As we were munching away, one of the cleaning lady stopped by our table and looked at our loots for a good couple of seconds. I swear I thought we were going to be scolded for bringing food from outside and get shoo-ed away!

The moment she opened her mouth and said, “这个你在哪里买?“, I breathed a sigh of relief. So apparently she was just interested to know where did we buy the daifuku!

The unfortunate fate of Mama Lemon

This true event happened a couple of weeks ago.

I happily bought a bottle of Mama Lemon so we could wash our utensils and bottles properly in the office (the current temporary office has no kitchen sink) rather than using handwash liquid.

That morning, I was happily carrying a bowl to be washed in the ladies, along with the new, pretty orange-coloured sponge and Mama Lemon. I put her (yes, she is a female obviously) on the window sill and turned on the water tap.

Mama Lemon 2

A second later, Mama Lemon decided that the world was too cruel and hence she jumped off the window sill.

It was as if the world was moving at a slow motion. I watched her falling down to the ground, slowly but surely. A few seconds later, I heard the sound. The sound confirming she has ended her life. She spilled out her content onto the ground, spreading far and wide.

Mama Lemon 1


I looked out of the window, staring helplessly at the ground 10 meters below, wanted to just run downstairs and rescue her with whatever she had left.

But I decided not to. So I left her spilling to death. I haven’t even had the chance to use ONE drop of her…

My colleagues, however, offered no sympathy and laughed as loud as they could when I told them about the sad news. Such is life…

A few days after, I realised some kind soul had pick her up and put her at a higher place…

Mama Lemon 4

Oh well, at least she is in a better place now.

Mama Lemon 3

Happy Halloween!

It’s that time of the year again! Jack O’Lantern, trick or treats, and costumes. Not that I participate in any of that, but just thought Halloween can actually be fun with lots of different activities (personally I would love to try making this melted crayon pumpkin! Isn’t it just cool or what?!)

Since we are entering November, I thought I might as well do some reflection of what has happened over the past 10 months. 2014 is indeed flying by like nobody’s business!

So let’s see… what have we got…

Life has been very good generally! Have formally introduced Mr. Phlegmatic to my parents and vice versa during Chinese New Year. It feels great when both parents approve our relationship (not that they were ever against it in the first place) :D

Speaking of the mister, love life has been really awesome too! We have just hit our 1st year milestone and looking forward for many many more to come. Life was great and it has been even better with this man around. Totally grateful for having him in my life.

Spiritual-wise, it’s been a pretty busy year with the community and will continue to be so until our annual retreat in February. I’m enjoying it though! :)

Work wise, it’s been very busy and yet very fulfilling. There were just so many things to do most of the time, but it’s a good challenge and I keep on learning something new every day. Oh, I’ve also hit the 1st year milestone with the company early this month! :D And… have just being offered a promotion today!! Feeling very happy and grateful to have a wonderful boss and team who keep on encouraging me to do even better every time.

Ok, that should be the end of my reflection hahahahaha so short!

So this morning, at work, when Shainah stepped into the office, I let out a gasp and immediately stood up because…


Hahahahahahaha! The Grady twins are all grown up now! I was holding a knife and Shainah was holding a… scissors. Hahahaha cos there were no more knives in the office.

Our outfits were totally unplanned by the way! :D


Went to Funan after work to accompany the mister exchanging a Minecraft tee he got from Andy (which he said is a farewell gift as Andy is moving out of the house to a new place tomorrow. Why so sweet!). The store is selling a whole lot of Minecraft merchandises and I found Om Nom (from ‘Cut the Rope’ game). He looks dumb as always, which I like. Hehehehe…

Oh, btw I like one of the Om Nom plushies, the one where he has a sad expression of missing out on the candy.

Om Nom

The one on the right!! Hahahaha looks so sad and yet so adorable!


Had dinner at Bishamon. I had the Original Miso Ramen which is so good and the mister had the Kaarage something Ramen which the soup was so salty!

Decided to walk home through Clarke Quay to see the patrons dressing up and saw this…


HAHAHAHAHA this Mario Bros riding on dunno what. Looks like a steel dinosaur or something hahahahaha!


There was also a Halloween celebration for the children at my condo (as how it is every year) and found this when I reached the lobby… I think it was some sweets with peanut or something. Thumbs up for the effort of whoever made this though!


Argh, it’s already past 12 midnight!! >.<

Anyway, yesterday was our 1st anniversary as a couple! The past 365 days passed rather… both quickly and slowly actually. Quickly because wow! Has it really been a year? And yet at the same time, we feel as if both of us have been together for way longer than just a year! Errr.. Okay, not sure how can I explain this, but hopefully you’ll get the drift!


Since the mister’s birthday was just 2 days before our anniversary, I made him a … 2-in-1 card hahahaha. Basically I prepared a box of gift for him, consisting of a birthday gift, a handmade card, a photo album, bubble wrapper ahahahahaha, and 2 packs of Kinder Bueno (not in the picture). The idea was to give some sort of care package.

And I’m so happy he loved it! :D

Today began with a music practice for our cell group event next weekend, then we laze around in his house, and off to dinner at 6pm. I made a reservation at L’Entrecôte, one of my favourite restaurants. We went to the one in Suntec City because personally I’ve never been there before (I’ve been to the first outlet at Duxton Hill a few times before), it’s newer, and the menu is more extensive. There’s only 1 main course at the Duxton Hill outlet (which is the entrecôte steak) and surprisingly, the prices of some of the appetizers and desserts are actually cheaper by $2 to $4 at the Suntec City’s!

However, I found that they don’t serve the second helping of the steak at Suntec! They usually give you a second serving of the steak (about half of the original portion) midway your meal, but not here. Hmm.. not sure if it’s just how it is at the Suntec branch? I hope it is! Cos I love the steak and I would always love for seconds :p

I decided to go for their Le Canard (Duck Leg Confit) and it was yum! The duck meat was so tender and the gravy was finger-licking good. The mister had the entrecôte steak. It was his first time there and he liked it too.


Aiya, it’s a bit blur :( Pardon my messy hair (It was in a really good shape in the morning but the stupid humid weather just had to ruin it -______-) and the laundry behind us hahahahaha! The background is so unglam but the mister looks so good today!! He doesn’t really dress up unless on special occasions and usually he’ll always pair a dress shirt with slacks. I once asked him to try and pair a shirt with denim to make it look more casual and he was quite skeptical then, but look! He looks great, isn’t he? :D

Too bad the shirt is a little too long so it looks funny if he doesn’t tuck it in, but it still looks good!

(Off topic: I need to lose some weight! I looked fat in the photo and I think I’ve gained some pounds lately :( )

We only had 1 picture of us at the dinner but he was blurry T____T


Look at this boy happily digging into his medium steak!


And the greedy girl with her duck confit. Hehehehe…

Just realised my head looks bigger than my body in the picture. Like those bobble head toys. Hahahahaha!

And my nose… my goodness it looks soooo huge here! Really looks like jambu.

After dinner, we went to Andersen’s of Denmark for some ice cream. They were having this almond ice cream bar, and the mister being an almond fanatic obviously had to give it a try.

So we got one of it…


… and 2 scoops of ice cream… in a waffle bowl…


Greedy boy with hands full of ice cream! Tsk.

It was a chocolate, nuts (we had 3 kinds of nuts all in all – almond, hazelnut, and macadamia from 3 different ice cream flavours), and ice cream galore. It got pretty bad later on cos it was so sweet and it was just too much. We swore to stay away from ice cream and chocolate for at least the next few days.


Walked through the Esplanade and saw this pretty art installation! There was a mini dance ‘class’ going on behind it, conducted in conjunction with the da:ns festival that’s currently going on and they were using Kim Jong Kook’s song (the mister actually recognised it. Hahaha). It was pretty fun to watch though :D.


It’s been a great 365 days with you, darling! Thanks for standing by my side and making me very happy :D

Here’s to many more years ahead! :D

I melted in a food court

Me: Hey, if you can choose to go back to one point of time in your past, say from primary school to university, which period would you want to return to?

Mr. Phlegmatic: *Thinking for a few seconds* Hmm… I don’t want to go back, because I’m afraid I wouldn’t have met you if I were to do so.

Me: *Stunned. Totally didn’t expect this answer* But if we are meant to be, we would have met anyway, wouldn’t we?

Mr. Phlegmatic: Not necessarily so, because I may have chosen a different path, and so did you. I may have decided to stay in Indonesia or worked somewhere else other than Singapore. You may perhaps have chosen to work in other country and not in Singapore. There are lots of possibilities, so no, I don’t want to go back.

Yes, I melted right there and then (at a food court, nonetheless. We were having dinner then.).

First Date, Second Date

Lunch time conversation with the colleagues earlier while gobbling down some Thai dishes:

Toaster: Hey, do you guys know about this Thai restaurant in Dhoby Ghaut? It’s beside a school and they have really nice dishes and Thai milk tea!

Me: Ohh.. I know! The one at Sunshine Plaza, right?

Toaster: Ya ya, that one.

Ms. Peanut: Sunshine Plaza… (mind wandering off)

Me: Yea, it’s at the ground floor, besides a provision shop.

Ms. Peanut: Ahh… I know where it is. Because it was the place for my second date with Eugene! It’s a very small restaurant, right?

Me: Ya, very small and dimly lit.

Ms. Peanut: Can you imagine our second date in such a dodgy-looking place? Hahahahaha!

Me: Eh, my first lunch with Felix was at Amoy (a hawker centre) lor!


Ms. Peanut: You win liao!

Toaster: Are you going to have your wedding reception at Amoy too?

Me: Yea, with all the hawker foods!