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So Toaster (who has got a new nickname: Toasted Hammie. SO CUTE RIGHT?!), Shairah (or whom Toaster affectionately call Shainah) and I went to a Korean restaurant nearby the office for lunch, continued by desserts at Sophie Bakery afterwards.

Ms. Peanut couldn’t join us because she had a lunch meeting, so Toaster said to send her a picture of us enjoying the cake. HEHEHEHEHE

Which of course we did. Teasing people is what we do best.



By the way, these are the cakes. Cheesecake and chocolate cake. Fatdom here we come!


Eh the tiles look nice hor?





Then when we went back to the office, each of us found this on our desk…


HAHAHAHAHA like so desperately wanted to be in the picture! :D

Sorry Ms. Peanut, no cakes for you!


So… since she desperately wanted to have cakes with us, we fulfilled her wish…


What a bunch of awesome colleagues you have there, Ms. Peanut. See, we wish you were there with us!

Stripes Wednesday!

Toaster and I accidentally wore stripes to work today. What’s funnier is that our shirts have similar brand logos. Hahahaha

Like this:


LOLOL this Toaster ar… the Photo Booth’s timer was counting down like 3… 2… 1… Then when the shutter went off, she was like “HEY! Why it took 3 seconds?!”

When obviously she has known better. Hahahahahahahaha aiyo Toaster! But her expression is so funny here! Like half smiling half constipated. I didn’t know constipation is a wonderful feeling.


Yay proper picture! Too bad she didn’t wear black pants. Otherwise we’ll look even more similar.

And turns out Shairah was wearing stripes as well!




AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA couldn’t stop laughing at this picture!! We all look damn stupid! Some idiot chipmunks hahahahahahahaha

Btw, I’ve just put in 2 oreo cookies into Toaster’s mug of coffee. Now I think she’s plotting some plan to kill me… If I don’t update my blog in 3 days time, you know who to find…

Point point rice

Me: Boss, we are going to dabao food for lunch. Do you want anything?

Boss: Where are you guys going?

Me: Amoy street

Boss: Ok!

Me: What do you want?

Boss: Anything you guys wanna buy for me!

Me: … Then I’ll buy you a bao and a drink

Boss: Hahaha! Really, anything. Rice with some spicy chicken…

Me: Okay, guess we can get you Thai food.

Boss: Yeah, sure! Or that point point rice… (making pointing gesture)


(He was actually referring to mixed rice - where customers point at the dishes behind a glass cabinet to let the seller know which ones they want to have)


Edit: Eh OMG the term ‘Point Point Rice’ is actually valid!! Open the link above and scroll down to the last paragraph:

Other names for economy rice include “Chap Chye Png” (杂菜饭, “mixed vegetable rice” in the local Hokkien dialect) and colloquially, “Point Point Rice”, named for the method of ordering one’s meal which involves simply asking for a plate of rice and then pointing at the various dishes desired. It is unclear how the latter term originated.




I feel that my level of patience gets thinner as I grow older. I used to be very patient up to just a few years ago. Nowadays, I get grouchy or angry at things quite easily. Dunno why!! I don’t like it though :(

Maybe the world is testing my patience. Or maybe it’s the stupid hormones. Or maybe it’s just me getting less patient altogether.

Or maybe because lately I’ve been experiencing and hearing more and more stories that almost tipped my boiling point.

Or maybe because I’ve learned to not taking in shit that comes my way. A few years ago, some said that I was being too nice and therefore some people tried to step on my head. Maybe I’ve just learned a lot in the past couple of years that I gotta stand up for myself and if someone throws shit at me, I’m gonna try to throw it back at their faces instead.

Gotta start building up my patience again! Haven’t been feeling as cheerful as I used to lately haiz… Thankfully Mr. Phlegmatic is more patient than I do and he calms me down whenever I’m feeling grouchy and cheer me up when I’m feeling blue. :D

(Or maybe this is just growing old)



Renewing passport at the Indonesian Embassy of Singapore

Went to renew my passport at the Indonesian Embassy this morning and boy, the experience was pleasantly good! Totally unexpected (in a good way)!

So here’s what happened:

1) 8:10 – Arrived at the embassy (The counter opens at 9 so we had to wait outside the security post). There were already 5 people waiting by then!

2) 8:50 – More people have arrived by this time and a staff was explaining about some house rules. One of the things he said was “you can’t stay longer than 30 minutes. We will ask you to leave, unless you have a business inside.”. I was wondering to myself, “Not longer than 30 mins? Means… the application process is fast??” #skeptical.

3) 9:00 – They finally let us in. Exchanged an ID with a pass, walked into the main building and took a queue number.


4) 09:07 – For some reason, queue number 2, 3, and 4 did not come forward to the counter, so yay! My turn!

5) 09:12 – Handed my documents over and paid at the cashier (S$35 for normal 48-pages passport), then sat down and waited to be called for photo and fingerprints taking.

6) 09:15 – Went into the “Biometric and Interview” room for photo and fingerprints taking. There was no interview involved, so I don’t know why they even bother to state that. The whole thing was very fast. Chop chop done! (Oh yea, Indonesian passport is now biometric!)

7) 09:20 – Done! Got my receipt stamped with the date of collection (this Tuesday). Application process only takes 3 working days!


Honestly, I’m impressed! If only everything in Indonesia was done this way! So efficient and it does not waste people’s time! I was prepared to spend at least 1-1.5 hours there (Mr. Phlegmatic told me it took him quite a long time when he was renewing his passport at the embassy last time). So I guess there has been a lot of improvement being made! :D

Just for the record, here are the documents needed for passport application (new or renewal):

1) Application form (filled in with black ink ONLY)

2) A copy of your Singapore identity card (NRIC / Employment Pass / S Pass / Dependant Pass / etc.)

3) A copy of your old passport (first and last page)

4) A copy of your birth certificate (in Bahasa Indonesia)


I wanna squeeze your thang!

While walking back to the office after buying some food for lunch:

(I was walking in front of her with another colleague)

Toaster: Eh, Amelia, I wanna squeeze your…. thang! (really, she said ‘thang’ instead of ‘thing’. Hahahaha)

Me: Huh? What??

Toaster: I wanna squeeze your thang

Me: HAHAHAHA eh that sounds so wrong!!

Toaster: Tsk! I mean, I wanna pinch your skirt thing!!!


Turns out she was talking about my senget skirt’s zipper. Ahahahahaha


You’ve got fooled!

Walking back to the office after buying sundae and fries from McDonald’s and was waiting for the traffic light to turn green…

Me: Oh yea, I’m getting married next year!

Toaster: Really? *Eyes widened up in excitement* Yay! *was about to high 5 me*


Toaster: f*****!


*Toaster aimed to hit me but I ran as the traffic light turned green*



Screen shot 2014-04-01 at PM 10.55.28_

Wrote this to Mr. Phlegmatic and I didn’t see his reply until quite sometime because I was in a discussion and call with a client (pardon the grammatical error  -____-).

Then my phone beeps with a LINE message notification…





HAHAHA! Wanted to ignore the messages for a lil bit longer so he would be more anxious, but I couldn’t help it. Hahahaha

If only he didn’t smell the fishiness…

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at PM 10.55.41

Continued on Gchat. Hehehehehehe

It was fun pranking him a lil bit. Was a last minute plan and his reaction is priceless. :D



On a side note, met up with Farani for dinner!!!! She is on a holiday to Indonesia and Singapore with her hubby and we had such a good time having a very yummy and filling dinner, followed by dessert (we had 3 desserts to share!!) at Max Brenner.


Yep, most of them are Amore Dio’s peeps, so it kinda feels like an Amore Dio dinner instead. Hahahaha