Argh, it’s already past 12 midnight!! >.<

Anyway, yesterday was our 1st anniversary as a couple! The past 365 days passed rather… both quickly and slowly actually. Quickly because wow! Has it really been a year? And yet at the same time, we feel as if both of us have been together for way longer than just a year! Errr.. Okay, not sure how can I explain this, but hopefully you’ll get the drift!


Since the mister’s birthday was just 2 days before our anniversary, I made him a … 2-in-1 card hahahaha. Basically I prepared a box of gift for him, consisting of a birthday gift, a handmade card, a photo album, bubble wrapper ahahahahaha, and 2 packs of Kinder Bueno (not in the picture). The idea was to give some sort of care package.

And I’m so happy he loved it! :D

Today began with a music practice for our cell group event next weekend, then we laze around in his house, and off to dinner at 6pm. I made a reservation at L’Entrecôte, one of my favourite restaurants. We went to the one in Suntec City because personally I’ve never been there before (I’ve been to the first outlet at Duxton Hill a few times before), it’s newer, and the menu is more extensive. There’s only 1 main course at the Duxton Hill outlet (which is the entrecôte steak) and surprisingly, the prices of some of the appetizers and desserts are actually cheaper by $2 to $4 at the Suntec City’s!

However, I found that they don’t serve the second helping of the steak at Suntec! They usually give you a second serving of the steak (about half of the original portion) midway your meal, but not here. Hmm.. not sure if it’s just how it is at the Suntec branch? I hope it is! Cos I love the steak and I would always love for seconds :p

I decided to go for their Le Canard (Duck Leg Confit) and it was yum! The duck meat was so tender and the gravy was finger-licking good. The mister had the entrecôte steak. It was his first time there and he liked it too.


Aiya, it’s a bit blur :( Pardon my messy hair (It was in a really good shape in the morning morning but the stupid humid weather just had to destroy it -______-) and the laundry behind us hahahahaha! The background is so unglam but the mister looks so good today!! He doesn’t really dress up unless on special occasions and usually he’ll always pair a dress shirt with slacks. I once asked him to try and pair a shirt with denim to make it look more casual and he was quite skeptical then, but look! He looks great, isn’t he? :D

Too bad the shirt is a little too long so it looks funny if he doesn’t tuck it in, but it still looks good!

(Off topic: I need to lose some weight! I looked fat in the photo and I think I’ve gained some pounds lately :( )

We only had 1 picture of us at the dinner but he was blurry T____T


Look at this boy happily digging into his medium steak!


And the greedy girl with her duck confit. Hehehehe…

Just realised my head looks bigger than my body in the picture. Like those bobble head toys. Hahahahaha!

And my nose… my goodness it looks soooo huge here! Really looks like jambu.

After dinner, we went to Andersen’s of Denmark for some ice cream. They were having this almond ice cream bar, and the mister being an almond fanatic obviously had to give it a try.

So we got one of it…


… and 2 scoops of ice cream… in a waffle bowl…


Greedy boy with hands full of ice cream! Tsk.

It was a chocolate, nuts (we had 3 kinds of nuts all in all – almond, hazelnut, and macadamia from 3 different ice cream flavours), and ice cream galore. It got pretty bad later on cos it was so sweet and it was just too much. We swore to stay away from ice cream and chocolate for at least the next few days.


Walked through the Esplanade and saw this pretty art installation! There was a mini dance ‘class’ going on behind it, conducted in conjunction with the da:ns festival that’s currently going on and they were using Kim Jong Kook’s song (the mister actually recognised it. Hahaha). It was pretty fun to watch though :D.


It’s been a great 365 days with you, darling! Thanks for standing by my side and making me very happy :D

Here’s to many more years ahead! :D

I melted in a food court

Me: Hey, if you can choose to go back to one point of time in your past, say from primary school to university, which period would you want to return to?

Mr. Phlegmatic: *Thinking for a few seconds* Hmm… I don’t want to go back, because I’m afraid I wouldn’t have met you if I were to do so.

Me: *Stunned. Totally didn’t expect this answer* But if we are meant to be, we would have met anyway, wouldn’t we?

Mr. Phlegmatic: Not necessarily so, because I may have chosen a different path, and so did you. I may have decided to stay in Indonesia or worked somewhere else other than Singapore. You may perhaps have chosen to work in other country and not in Singapore. There are lots of possibilities, so no, I don’t want to go back.

Yes, I melted right there and then (at a food court, nonetheless. We were having dinner then.).

First Date, Second Date

Lunch time conversation with the colleagues earlier while gobbling down some Thai dishes:

Toaster: Hey, do you guys know about this Thai restaurant in Dhoby Ghaut? It’s beside a school and they have really nice dishes and Thai milk tea!

Me: Ohh.. I know! The one at Sunshine Plaza, right?

Toaster: Ya ya, that one.

Ms. Peanut: Sunshine Plaza… (mind wandering off)

Me: Yea, it’s at the ground floor, besides a provision shop.

Ms. Peanut: Ahh… I know where it is. Because it was the place for my second date with Eugene! It’s a very small restaurant, right?

Me: Ya, very small and dimly lit.

Ms. Peanut: Can you imagine our second date in such a dodgy-looking place? Hahahahaha!

Me: Eh, my first lunch with Felix was at Amoy (a hawker centre) lor!


Ms. Peanut: You win liao!

Toaster: Are you going to have your wedding reception at Amoy too?

Me: Yea, with all the hawker foods!

Post-Taipei Syndrome

Just came back from a 5-day trip to Taipei on August 17 – 21. Feeling the post-holiday blues now and I haven’t got time to sort the trip photos yet. In the meantime, here’s something cute to feast your eyes on:


Yes, little Udong went to Taiwan too. This is her at Jiufen (九份) enjoying the bustling market.

Random Photos on an Off Day

I’ve been keeping this post in the draft for more than a month already -______-

Ok, just gonna post random pics today! It’s an off day for me cause the company gives us a day off to replace the Singapore National Holiday that falls on August 9.

Saw these bread at Paragon Market Place…


Hahahahahahahaha! Pretty clever, I would say. They have the bible scriptures written on the packaging some more!



Would love to try it one day. Not cheap though. S$13.xx a loaf!



Went to have Monster Curry for dinner with the mister last Saturday. We ordered the combo for the first time and it was huge! We feel the plate was bigger than the non-combo meals? Went there twice in less than a week. Hehehehe



My dinner the other day.. Nemo Brioche from Paul! Hahaha so cute la this bread. But the greedy mister just had to steal it from me. Look at that, he could suck the whole fish in. #poorfishy



The mister had his wisdom tooth extracted last week and this was the photo he sent me after he reached home. Poor boy! So I added the cute frog (Leonard from LINE) to make him feel better. Hahahahaha :p



Our COO flew in from Bangalore for 2 days and he brought 2 boxes of these Indian sweets. Sugar high early in the morning yo! But too sweet for my liking.



Went to Five & Dime for dinner last week and tried their Milo Panacota for the first time. OMG so good! The mister and I went silent the moment we had our first bites and we licked the plate clean! All the way to the last bit of Milo powder. Hahahahaha!



Shainah brought Toaster’s Yoda and Mario back to life! Thanks Shainananah, you saved my life.



Tried manju for the first time! There was a food fair at Takashimaya and there was this Japanese stall selling authentic Japanese snacks (even the seller was Japanese). It was yum, albeit quite pricey at S$2 a piece.



Also tried dango! It was yummy as well =9



The S$3.5 million roasted pork from Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint. The char siew was especially good even though I ate it a few hours after it was bought. It was really juicy and succulent. The mister and a couple of our friends went for it on a Sunday morning but I couldn’t make it since I had a Confirmation class to attend, so he dabao-ed for me, with extra char siew! :D



Was at a Sony Store yesterday and was trying out a camera on display. The mister was standing and checking his phone in front of a couple of photographs and it looked quite nice. But as I was pressing the shutter, he moved and thus resulted in this. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA damn cacat lor! Still laughing as I am looking at this picture again!



Jokowi for President!!!

Yesterday was a joyous day for (most of) us Indonesians because Jokowi won the presidential election! :D

Truly hope he will be able to bring some positive changes to Indonesia.

In the light of that, look at what went on my company’s WhatsApp group last night:










HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! How not to love them!!

Whaly on the banner!

Edit: so apparently this is my 500th post! :D

So I casually asked the mister last night whether he could help me draw a cute whaly when he is free sometime cos I wanted to update my blog banner.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.48.31 PM

Little did I know, he did it today.

And he did not just draw the whaly.

He created the whole banner!!!!

OMG! Totally didn’t expect that!!!! I was just expecting a cute, fat whaly for my banner!! T______T

This is definitely way nicer than what I initially thought of making!

Thank youuuuu, darling!!!

I can haz cute header now!!! :D

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 4.16.38 PM