Conversation with my boss

Not sure if I’ve shared about this before, but I was the first employee to be hired for my current company’s office in Singapore. So my direct boss (a VP) used to be all on his own for about a year and a half when he was transferred from our HQ in Australia till I came along. Since then, our team had grown to 4 and at the moment we are down to 2, again.

This means I’ve been the only constant person spending time at work with him and as a result, we sort of know each other’s habit and behaviour.

One of the tradition that he brought over from the HQ was Ramen Wednesday. There was this small Japanese restaurant / bar called Chaco Bar,down the road from the old office building,that serves ramen on Wednesdays and Fridays (I’ve just checked their website and it says Wed – Sat now, so maybe it has changed?). Since Fridays are reserved for team lunch, so they usually go on Wednesdays (though not everyone went for ramen).

My VP loves ramen, so it’s a given that he would want to bring the weekly tradition over when he was transferred to Singapore. So Ramen Wednesday was born.

At our first office space, we used to go to 2 different ramen restaurants, alternating on a weekly basis. When we moved to our current space, we usually went to the one in a shopping mall across the road, until we found our current favourite, Ramen Matsuri in North Canal Road. We practically go there every week (once in awhile we do go to the other one) to the point that the cashier (a lovely Japanese girl) has known us really well and has even memorised our order! Hahahahaha

She literally remembered what we would be ordering every week (the same variant for my boss every single time, while I would be changing my order once in awhile). We both love the mazesoba (dry ramen). When our previous colleague was still with us, he would be ordering the soup version. Both are really, really good.

So anyway, we couldn’t go for ramen today cos I was working from home and he was in an all-day event.

The first thing he said to me on Slack this morning:


Here’s a couple more conversations with my boss that I originally posted on Twitter:


1. On a Friday

Manager: Guess what?

A: … what?

M: It’s your turn today

A: Huh? Isn’t it your turn?

M: Tell me what you wanna say. I know what to get back at you with

A: Where did we go 2 weeks ago?

M: (without missing a beat) The Mexican place. I picked that

A: Ahhh dang you’re right

(We take turns picking a lunch place on Fridays – team lunch day – and we would usually argue on who would be the one. This was happening when we were a team of 3 and 4 too. Truly #FirstWorldProblem)


2. One afternoon:

Manager: I wanna get coffee. Do u want anything?

A: Hmm… I’ll go with you

M: Ha! The dark side! (Cos I rarely grab a drink outside). (after a few seconds) Actually… I wanna take advantage of this. Let’s sit down and have coffee there.

(We ended up sitting down and chatted for a good 20 mins; and I had soy matcha latte)


3. I’ve been packing lunches from home quite regularly recently and on one day that I didn’t:

Manager: Do you bring lunch today?

Me: Nope

Manager: Oh, congratulations! Was there any specific reason why or was it just guilt (of turning down his invite for lunch lately)?

Me: We just didn’t cook last night đŸ’đŸ»


4. He was on a call with someone one fine Friday morning and was pretty distressed about it: 

Me: So, since you are feeling rather stressed about it, you can pick lunch today.

Manager: No, it’s your turn today. Don’t you run away and sugarcoat it. What, are you in sales now?


5. On one regular morning:

Manager: How could I resize image and keep its ratio in Google Slides?

Me: Hold the Shift key and resize

Manager: You’re a genius. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


6. After coming back from lunch (him, not me)

Manager: I’ve had a deep thought during lunch, and I don’t wanna surprise you, but…. you’ll pick lunch (place) tomorrow.

Me: You had really deep thoughts while eating




Goodbye Dayre

For those who don’t know, Dayre is a microblogging app which is quite popular in Singapore and Malaysia, although there are quite a bit of users from other parts of the world too.

When the news came 2 weeks ago that it was about to be closed down on the 28th of Feb, panic ensued and Dayre users were looking for alternatives, such as WeBlogIt, Steller or WordPress and efforts were made to keep the beloved app and, most importantly, community, alive.

SG Budget Babe (Dawn) was one user who really went all out to get investors to look at it and, hopefully, buy Dayre out and keep it alive. I totally applaud her efforts!

Today is the 21st of February, and there’s no signs of a successful buyout yet so far. It seems like majority of Dayre users have sort of succumbed to the faith that Dayre will no longer be around. Even the notifications have stopped working awhile ago!

Yesterday though, an anonymous user came in like a knight in a shining armour, bearing the good news on how to export Dayre posts to WordPress. Well, Dayre did send out an email to all of its users that they will be helping us to export all our posts:

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.29.24 PM

Hopefully they will keep up their words and everyone will get to download their posts by 28th February.

In the meantime, I am currently waiting to export my posts to WP through a plugin that the anonymous user has created.


I left it at that and went on to do my work. Around 15 minutes later, I came back and saw this:

Whattttt? From 7k+ to 10k+? Hahahahahahaha. It’s down to 9,000-ish now as I’m typing.

I’ve set up a new WP site just to export these posts because apparently notifications will be triggered to your site followers when the posts were ready, so no, that’s not something I wanna do as it will definitely disturb my followers (not that I have many to begin with, but still!).

So once it’s all done, I’m gonna go through all of the posts to see which ones are worthy to be ported over to this site and which ones can stay behind. Cheers!


3:55pm – I’ve finally managed to get into the queue to export my posts! After 3 failed attempts. Dayreans have really fast fingers 😀


Really appreciate this person’s effort in doing this for the community!

An update after a year / First time singing at a wedding

It’s been almost a year since I last blogged! Oopsie!

So much have happened in a year, and the most substantial one would be… I got married in September! All those planning throughout 1.5 years came down to 2 days, spread across 3 weeks. We had our holy matrimony on September 10, 2016 and the dinner reception 2 weeks later on September 25.

Life after marriage has been fun so far. We chose Japan as our honeymoon destination and finally paid the Land of the Rising Sun a visit last month. It was really fun and I should blog about it separately.

Aside from that, things have been pretty busy for both of us lately. Both hubby and I had our first ever dip in wedding singing over the weekend at a friend’s wedding. It was Amanda who first approached me with the idea.

What happened was, we had to fill in a Google Form to RSVP to the wedding and one of the questions in the form was something like, “Would you like to perform at the lunch reception?”. She immediately texted me and asked whether I’d like to sing together with her, with hubby on guitar and Tobi on cajon. I was like, is this girl for real? LOL. But I thought, alright, let’s do it just for the fun of it. So tadaa!

We had another friend joining the group soon after on guitar (so hubby would have been on bass guitar), but he had to be on a business trip to Dubai at the last minute, so hubby was back on guitar.

After considering the choices, we selected 2 songs to be performed: Could it Be by Raisa and You Are My Everything by Glenn Fredly. Four practice sessions later and boom, the day had arrived.

It happened pretty smoothly, actually. Though hubby accidentally strum the wrong chord in the middle of the second song, it wasn’t noticeable (he did regret it so much afterwards though).

Hahahaha pardon us. We are by no means professional singers and musicians but we enjoy doing it.

Anyway, the name. As in, our group’s name.

During the rehearsal 1.5 weeks prior to the D day, the emcees were asking us what name did we want to go by, and hubby couldn’t think of any so he said “[Our community’s name] Praise & Worship Team”. I gave him a side eye immediately HAHAHAHA like really?

We’ve never thought of any names until the day itself when the emcee was asking Amanda about it. She immediately called me (I was on my way home to pick up the cajon that we left behind!) and asked. She initially suggested TAFA, an abbreviation of our names, but it just sounded too cheesy! Then I had a lightbulb moment and thought of what we wore that day. Amanda and I were in black dresses, hubby was in a checkered shirt and Tobi was in…. not plain, not checkered shirt, but with a striped collar. Okay, so it was rather complicated to include his element there hahaha. So I thought of… The Black Checkers. HAHAHA! I thought it would be less cheesy than TAFA so we went ahead with it, and there you go!

Anyway, that aside, hubby, myself and a few other friends from the Praise & Worship Ministry have been spending our Sundays in a music studio, practicing for a coordinator election this coming Friday and soon for our community’s birthday next month. It’s gonna be a busy May but I’m looking forward to it!


Time for a new pair of glasses!

Haven’t been writing much lately because I’ve been quite busy with work and other stuff in general. I really feel this year is passing by really, really quickly! I thought Chinese New Year was just awhile ago?

So it’s about 3 months to our D-day and preparation have been going rather well, if I may say so. We’ll only be having our holy matrimony here in Singapore (no reception whatsoever), so the preparation is rather minimal. We’ll be DYI-ing our bridal car decoration, bouquet, boutonnieres and some signages to be put up on the reception table. All of these are just for Singapore though. I can’t be bothered to DYI anything for the reception in Jakarta since I won’t have time.

On a slightly random note, I’ve finally made a new pair of glasses yesterday! I’ve been wearing my current pair for slightly more than 4 years and it’s time to send it to retirement. Some scratches can be seen on the lenses, and the frame is pretty much worn out already.

Here’s the state of my current pair:


Ermm sorry it may look a little gross. Not sure why the plastic turns this way -_- Perhaps due to all the sweat and sebum over the years?


The coating is peeling off…



Not sure if you can see the scratches on the lens there, but yea, it’s really time for a change hahaha.

Initially I was thinking to make a pair at Owndays, but after some research and store visits, I wasn’t really confident with the quality it offers, especially the lens, because that is very important to me. I did a bit more research on a more traditional optical shop and decided to give Mimeo a try after reading some good reviews about it.

So I made a visit to the shop yesterday and made a new pair with a very light and flexible frame, along with Kodak blue lenses. Can’t wait to pick it up next week!

I’ve found my dress!

With 6 months to go before the big day, I’m still relatively chill in this whole planning thing because most of our big ticket items have been settled!

I have also picked my wedding dress! 😀

Being quite a picky bride to be, I have my own preference for my wedding dress (which I believe most brides will have as well):

  • No strapless gowns
  • No chicken coop (a.k.a petticoat – I really hate petticoats)
  • No bling.

I don’t fancy Taiwanese-style wedding gowns because most of the times they are a complete opposite of what I listed above and often times they are very OTT (over the top). That’s why bridal shops are out of the question ever since we started planning the wedding and I much prefer simpler, European wedding dresses.

I’ve had my eyes set on a Pronovias when I first started looking for gowns and found a boutique here in Singapore that rents out the said brand. Pricing was reasonable too (I found out that it was cheaper to rent it in SG than Jakarta, but I’m not sure whether the ones in SG were new or if they had been rented out to other brides previously – in Indonesia they call this: “second” as in “second hand”. Some bridal shops actually classified their gowns in different grades, depending on how many times has a gown been worn before).

After shortlisting 4 different boutiques (all of them conveniently located around the area where I stay in Jakarta hahahaha), I made a point to make my selection when I went home for Chinese New Year last month (which explains why I took 3 days of leave so I was in Jakarta for the whole week).

The first option was Phangsanny. To be honest, I’ve never heard about this until my cousin (who is currently planning her upcoming May wedding as well!) picked her gown from the atelier.

I gave them a call to see if I could come over and they politely rejected me, saying that they were fully booked for the day. Oh well, my fault for not making an appointment beforehand (later I found out that my cousin was actually there at the boutique having her dress fitted when I made the call hahahahaha).

So I crossed out Phangsanny. The second one was The Wedding Boutique, which is a pretty famous one and I have actually been there last year when I came back to settle on the wedding venue. Tried one gown that looks quite nice but that was it. Pricing was on the higher side (as expected). I was quoted IDR 28,000,000 for a gown (not sure if it was new). Initially they quoted about 30,000,000 or so but I asked for mother’s and bridesmaids’ gowns to be taken out since I wanted to have them tailor made anyway). I have actually never returned to TWB since then. Mainly because I wanted to explore other options before making my decision.

The third one was Inezia Chrizita. She is an upcoming local wedding gown designer who happens to be a family friend. I knew her when we were in primary school! But I’ve lost all contact with her ever since (our mothers are still in touch with each other because they are long-time friends). Her boutique also happens to be very, very near to where I stay.

Inez wasn’t there at the boutique when I came by, and so I was serviced by her very helpful assistant. I tried on a couple of gowns but unfortunately there was no one that really caught my eye. Well, there was an off-shoulder model which I quite like, but I didn’t fancy the heavy embroidery on the chest and torso areas. The dresses were pretty, but I still prefer the simpler ones.

The last one was Aurelle House of Brides. They carry the Pronovias brands, such as La Sposa, Pronovias and Atelier Diagonal – hence the reason why I wanted to check it out.

The lady (Ivana) was very helpful and picked a couple of gowns for me to try on after I told her my preferences. The gown I picked is a new La Sposa! It’s simple, elegant and with just the right amount of sparkles. It’s a sleeeveless and most importantly, NO CHICKEN COOP. Hahahaha basically everything I wanted in a gown.

She offered me a package of IDR 29,000,000 which consists of:

  • Rental of 1 wedding gown
  • Rental of 3 dresses for pre-wedding photo session
  • Rental of 2 bridesmaids dresses
  • Gown customisation (length customisation and if I ever want to add more blings, for example)
  • Veil, jacket (new made-to-measure)
  • Accessories + jewellery (rental)
  • A representative from Aurelle to help me with my gown on the D-day

Again, since my bridesmaids dresses are to be made-to-measure and I am gonna be having my pre-wedding photographs done in SG, I asked for them to be taken out and she also gave me further discount. In the end, the total price was IDR 25,500,000 and my mum very kindly offered to pay for it! 😀

I’m very happy that my gown has been settled! One thing off my checklist.


So LGBT has been kind of a hot topic in Indonesia recently, I think mainly due to the case of an Indonesian entertainer who was reported of committing sexual assault to a minor of the same gender (male).

Because of that, articles about how to see if someone is gay and how to prevent your kids from being turned into a gay have been popping up like crazy!

I ignored whatever they were saying until I read this article, and I quote:

The leading psychiatric body in Indonesia is claiming that transgender people suffer from a mental health disorder and gay and bisexual people are at risk of mental health problems.

In the latest outburst in an increasingly divisive domestic debate on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues, the Indonesian Psychiatric Association said transgender people “can be categorised as persons with mental disorders”, which it said “may cause suffering and obstacles in functioning as a human being”.

The IPA also said that homosexuals and bisexuals were in danger of developing a psychiatric disorder unless they “maintain their mental health by guarding their behaviour, habit, healthy lifestyle, and increasing their ability to adapt to their social environment”.

Seriously? First of all, transgenderism is NOT a mental health disorder! And to think this came from the leading psychiatric body? I really cannot believe this.

Oh wait, it is a mental health disorder, if you are still living in the 1970s, that is.

Now let me give you my personal stand towards LGBT: I am a Catholic and LGBT is considered a sin in Catholicism. Personally, I don’t believe LGBT is right, but I’ve grown to be acceptance to the community because, simply, they are humans, just like us. I believe I don’t have the rights to judge them just because they prefer same-sex relationships. Heck, even Pope Francis is tolerant towards the LGBT community. If he can do it, why can’t we?

“If someone is gay and searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?”

I really like the above statement. Let me emphasise it once again: WHO AM I TO JUDGE?

My first encounter with LGBT was back when I was in university. Was I shocked? Yes, kind of. I won’t deny it. However, as shocked as I probably was, I never for once rejected them as friends. What was on my mind were things like, “How could someone be a lesbian / gay? What was the possible cause?”. I was curious, you see, as I didn’t get a lot of exposure in this area before I went to Malaysia to further my studies and then Singapore for work. So yea, I was simply curious but I didn’t look at them with disgust.

One of my good friends is a lesbian AND a catholic too. She and her partner go to church on Sundays. This is a very good example that is relevant to Pope Francis’ quote above. I’ve never judged her for liking the same gender and well, lesbian or not, it doesn’t make any difference in our friendship. She is a really awesome friend, she has good will and I love her! And she doesn’t have any mental health disorder nor is she at risk of mental health problems. Surprise surprise?

A person once asked me, in a provocative manner, if I approved of homosexuality. I replied with another question: ‘Tell me: when God looks at a gay person, does he endorse the existence of this person with love, or reject and condemn this person?’ We must always consider the person. Here we enter into the mystery of the human being.

It was another excerpt from the Pope Francis article.

Anyway, Catholic church has been more welcoming to the LGBT community than it was a few years ago, which I personally think is quite heartwarming because, again, everyone deserves to be loved. If a gay / lesbian comes into the church and wants to look for God, shouldn’t we give them the space, accept and embrace them with open arms instead of snubbing them? We should help them in whatever way we can.

If you think it is a sin for them to be a gay / lesbian, let it be a matter between them and God. Why should we interfere?

My parents do not really think of LGBT as acceptable and I can understand that because back in the days, it was relatively uncommon and unheard of. However, for many young adults in this 21st century, if you condemn LGBT, please just keep it to yourself and don’t invite others to condemn the community as well. How would you like it if it happens to your own family members? Will you like it if they are ostracised from the society?

Earlier today I saw a post that has been making rounds on Facebook:


Okay, I’m not sure which newspaper was this from, but let me translate it to English:

“The National Commission of Child Protection would like to remind parents to tighten up supervision towards their children to prevent them from the impact of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT). Currently there are thousands of young kids and teenagers who are into same-sex relationship.

Signs of a gay:

  1. Takes selfie a la teenybopper
  2. Likes staring at a guy’s bottom
  3. Stares at the guy he likes intensely
  4. Takes care of his appearance
  5. Up to date with the fashion trend
  6. Smells good
  7. Wears makeup
  8. Wears an earring on one of the ears (usually the right one)
  9. Adores guys
  10. Wears V-neck shirts

Upon reading this, I burst out laughing cos it’s just so pathetic to the point it’s ridiculous I couldn’t believe it! I mean, look at #6???? So are you saying that a ‘real’ man is smelly, doesn’t take care of his appearance and wears crew-neck shirts all the time???


Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

My fiancĂ© wears V-neck shirts and heck, he looks good in them and yes, he is straight. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be my fiancĂ©, would he?

#9 – Adores guys. So does it mean a guy who adores David Beckham for his awesome skills is considered gay? Does it mean a guy who adores Jack Ma for his amazing business acumen is gay? LOL oh dear!

Last but not least, someone in one of my Whatsapp groups forwarded the following message: 1

Some people really need to take the chill pill. They are just emojis, for goodness sake! Well, you can always look at them from a different perspective. Think of them as children in a family or love between twins or siblings. See, suddenly it looks much more positive, no? And anyway, emojis are supposed to brighten up your conversations, so let’s not make such a big fuss over it, shall we?

To end my post, I’m gonna repost the quote again to serve as a reminder for all of us:

“If someone is gay and searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?”

8 Months To Go & Wedding Shoes

It’s now end of January, which means it’s slightly more than 7 months to our big day and…. a lot have yet to be settled!

Let’s recap what have I settled on so far:

  1. Venue (inc. food, entertainment, photo booth and decoration)
  2. Make Up Artists for both holy matrimony and reception
  3. Wedding bouquet and boutonniere for holy matrimony (DIY! hehehe)
  4. Bridal car for the reception
  5. Wedding shoes
  6. Wedding bands
  7. Photographer + Videographer
  8. Choir for holy matrimony

Ermm…. that’s all I think. We still have quite a lot to settle hahaha! I’ll need to settle on my wedding dress when I am going home for CNY next week, and something that’s equally important… CONTACT LENS! I’m not gonna be a blind bride throughout the reception nor look geeky in my black-rimmed glasses while I’m all lady-like in my dress (I hope).

I have yet to muster up the courage to try on contacts because it’s just scary!! Actually I did try it a couple of years ago when I was back in Jakarta for holiday. Acuvue was having a roadshow in a shopping mall near where I stay and I decided to give it a try. I think I took like 10 minutes trying to insert the lens into my eyes. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and I carried on shopping without any difficulty and it actually felt pretty comfortable!

However, I had major difficulty removing them out of my eyes!! I went back to Acuvue to get some direction on how to take it out. I tried and tried for a good 20 minutes before I finally gave up and asked one of the staff to remove them out for me -________-

The thing is, every time my hand was coming close to my eye, it gave a natural reaction of blinking AND it doesn’t help that I couldn’t seem to pick out the lens properly -___-

So yea, I HAVE to do it this time, for real. Because I did try not wearing glasses during the last 2 times I became a bridesmaid and I had a terrible headache at the end of the day.

The idea of removing contact lenses seriously freaks me out! I’m actually considering to get a SoftSert applicator (or a similar one from another brand), but not sure if it will actually help. I think it will, otherwise what’s the purpose of it, right? Oh man, this is just a small issue but I’m actually super worried about it! Everyone who wears contacts have always told me that removing it is easy peasy, but inserting it is harder. Not for me, unfortunately.


This is a Lobob applicator, one that I’m considering of buying (I already have it in my Amazon cart hahahaha). Not sure why but the SoftSert website doesn’t seem to exist anymore?

Anyway, let’s move on to happier things!

I’ve actually gotten my wedding shoe last year, which is Melissa Queen II in white / gold:

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.13.37 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.12.44 PM

I actually wanted the Vivianne Westwood Anglomania series:

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.18.55 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.15.56 PM

but I couldn’t find it.

Til one day (just a few weeks ago, actually) I was randomly browsing for Melissa shoes on Amazon and…

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.19.30 PM

😀 My eyes grew big from excitement! Not Vivianne Westwood but it’s equally pretty! So I quickly placed an order and it arrived a week after.

Processed with VSCO

It’s really very cute hahahaha

Oh, the reason why I bought flats instead of heels is that I can’t really stand (pun unintended) wearing heels. Most of the time I will be limping, feeling like throwing the shoes as far as I can (cos my toes and balls of feet will be very painful). To date, there are only a few pairs of heels I’ve ever owned that were very comfortable for long period of wearing.

And I am all for comfort > style, so I want a pair that will allow me to walk around comfortably on my big day, especially when I am mingling around with my guests 😀

Now that I’ve got the heart shoes, the Melissa Queen will be used as part of my sang jit gift.

(A lil trivia: do you know sang jit is the Hokkien for 送旄頭 (SĂČng rĂŹ tĂłu). The full term is actually sang jit-thau, and it is abbreviated as sang jit. It is how most Indonesian chinese called the bethrotal ritual, despite of their dialect background.)