ok…since this is my first post..i dunno what to write, actually..hehehe…
Anyway, got a nice poem to share…

Love is staying up all night,
Love is feeling warm and bright.
Love is special in every way,
Love is free you don’t have to pay.
Love is snuggling by the fire,
Love is when your hearts filled with desire.
Love is holding hands in the park,
Love is being together when it gets dark.
Love is something which stays forever,
As long as you both stay together.
Love is never a disaster,
Love is when your heart beats faster.
Love is laughing at each other,
Love is having to meet each mother.
Love is something you can’t throw away,
Love is pressies on Valentines Day.
Love is kissing under Mistletoe,
Love is something that you show.
Love is like a flower waiting to burst,
As long as you put the other first.

Author: unknown

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