My brain stuck in the middle of the night

Aarrggghhhhhh….I’m stuck! My brain stuck…because of this assignment! Law, policy, n regulation..goshhh…this is the hardest subject I have in this semester. If I could choose, I wouldn’t take this subject, but unfortunately….this is a compulsory subject! oh nooo…from the beginning, I’ve already lost my interest in this module since I saw the title “law, policy, and regulation”. fyi, I am not interested in law and friends. I’m not that political type.
Sometimes I feel that I’m taking the wrong course…MassComm is killing, man! But actually that feeling only comes because of the MCI subjects *the compulsory subjects for all MassComm students* which is getting harder and harder now…But most of the time I thank myself for taking MassComm as the other modules are interesting, especially FTV (Film and Television-red)..hahahaha…it has always been interesting when it comes to production (short film, tv commercial, music video,…) although sometimes the pre-production and post-production things are killing us..but it’s much more fun than to sit in front of the computer, type thousand words of essay…

Ok, ok..let’s cut this crap! I need to continue with my assignment…hehehe…Jia You! ^_^
Just three more days left to freedom! *lol* =p

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