Leisure time on public holiday

I’ve waited for quiet a long time for the movie “The Memoirs of a Geisha” to come out in the cinema, and finally I can watch it yesterday with some friends. Some people said the movie is boring, but some others said it’s very interesting. One of my friend told me that “If you have read the book [yeah…the movie was adapted from a book with the same title], you’ll find the movie a bit boring because they cut some parts of the story”. *I had read the book before*

So, we went to watch the movie yesterday [yesterday was public holiday, anyway]and I found it quite interesting. I like the little Chiyo-san. She’s so cute..hahahaha. Unfortunately, I felt asleep for awhile in the middle of the movie [I was so tired in the morning…that’s why..hehehe], but then one of my friends disturbed me and woke me up =p.

After movie, we went to a game centre. One of my friends and I compete each other in a percussion simulation game..hahaha..It was fun! We both play until our arms were tired.
And finally…yeah..as usual, we went out for dinner before we went back home…hehehehe. We went for Kuo Tie and were very full after that..yummm =)

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