Soo fulll….

I’m full…so full…very full till my stomach can receive nothing anymore..hahaha…Phew..I’ve just came back home, by the way…
and I feel like writing today, soo….here it is…story about yesterday and today…..

Went to PIM 2 yesterday to accompanied my mom. She had a lunch appointment with her friends, and so there we go. At first, she was with me until her friend came and then we separated. I went to Kinokuniya while she headed for Sushi Tei. After spending an hour in that big Japanese bookstore browsing for interesting books, sat down,and read, I decided to buy a novel. Then I move on to Starbucks which located just in front of Kinokuniya. Ordered a green tea frapuccino and a tuna puff, sat down, and started to read the first page of my novel. Hmmm….so nice..hahaha. *I sat there to killed my time, though.hehehe*. After spending another one hour there, I get up and take a look around. Finally mom finish her rendesvouz at about 3 pm. We went shopping a bit and went back home…

And today, I went out from morning to night. Woke up at 7.45, went downstairs, and starts my day by watching Doraemon TV series..hahaha…*ya ya…u can laugh at me, but I think many grown-ups and adults still like to watch Doraemon [Xiao Ding Dang..hihihi] as it is very funny…my father is one of them. He likes cartoon, just like me..hehehe ^_^*
Then…took a bath and went to my friends’ house with my family. Then, from there, we went out by using just one car [8 ppl in the car -my parents,my friends’ parents, three children of them, and I-. We really used the space in the “Kijang Innova” effectively..hehehe]. Our first destination was Bina Nusantara International University in South Jakarta. Wait..BiNus??Yeah..maybe you are confuse why. I’m going to move from Malaysia to BiNus! larr…just kidding =p. We went there to accompanied my friends’ brother who *at first* was going to have either a free TOEFL simulation or a talent test [not the one for audition, but “Tes Bakat”–>can’t recall the English version for it..hehehe]. But, after we arrived and made registration, bla, bla, bla…, we found out that the test will be held at 2 pm! *fyi, we arrived there at 10 am*. He *or his parents, i don’t know exactly* decided that he didn’t have to go for it [who wants to wait for another four hours?]. So we left BiNus and headed for seafood in Sunda Kelapa Seafood Restaurant [which is located in Sunda Kelapa, of course]. The food were very very delicious!Sllurrpppttt….the “Galah” shrimps were big and delicioussss….as well as the squids, roast crabs [sounds weird, eh?*actually they are not roasted, but ““.. Err…I can’t recall the English version for it* but they are really nice!], squids’ eggs, fried fish, sayur asem *sooo indonesian..hahaha*, and the kangkung..hehehe.. The price is a bit expensive, but it’s all worth it! Really worth it! ^_^. I recommend you to try it..hahahaha. Ouw, and I met Odo, one of my elementary schoolmate there, and what surprised me was that his parents are my friends’ parents’ friends as well [confusing?]. My friends’ father used to be his dentist while he still live in his old house [now he has moved to another location]. OK, then…we were very full after that.
Then we went back home, and I directly slept for an hour [sooo sleepy…can’t stand it..*sleep after eat..haiyahhhh*]. Later I found out that my friends were sleeping for a while also.
At 4.10 pm, we went to church. After that we went to “Electronic City” to see giant lanterns festival from China. The lanterns were quite good, and I met Nia‘s family there [she used to be my primary schoolmate]. Then four of us, the kids [what?kids??], went to Barnie’s to buy some drinks. That was my first time going to Barnie’s. I wanted to try that new [well, not really new, actually. It has been opening for about a year in Indonesia] coffee shop. So I bought the Blue Vanilla Ice Blended. The taste was quite good. After Barnie’s, we headed to Oh La La Cafe because one of my friend is starving and she needed food directly or she would have collapse..hehehe =p.
Then, at 9.30, we met our parents again, and then, guess what…We thought that we will straightly go back home.But, my mother said “We are going to Sunter”..and then I was “What?Sunter?What are we going to do there?”..Eat fried rice”, she said. Hahahahaha….gosh…eat again?!. Actually it was our fathers that wanted to eat fried rice. Soooo…we continue to Sunter to have that fried rice. It was “Comal tek-tek fried rice”…hauahauahuaa….and it was damn delicious! Because of that, we, the kids [kids??!!] decided to ordered one more plate for four of us to share [it was Kambing fried rice… hihihi]. As the result, our stomach were like to explode. Sooo full!!

So that was my activities during this weekend…and…tomorrow is Monday!Need to go to Chinese language course again tomorrow. It’s going to start again after a week of CNY holiday…

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