Lost documents…

1:44 am…haven’t sleep…
Right now I’m moving all my documents from my laptop to my external hard disk as my lovely lappy is infected by virus. Fortunately, my documents still can be saved. The virus isn’t very mean to me. At least it only makes my laptop’s speed as fast as a snail…*sigh*. Not just my laptop, my PC at home was also infected by virus! *fortunately it’s already relieve now…^_^*
The virus that infected my PC was very bad…I can’t even log on to WIndows! Only *blink..blink*. All documents in the PC were gone! Andddd..the worst part is….I lost all of my sheet music collections that I saved in the PC!!!!!Aaarrggghhhhh!! I feel like screaming when I realized that my mother didn’t saved the copy of them in the external hard disk (she made copies of the other documents except that…)…so sadddddddd…I’ve collected around 100-something sheet music and now they’re gone! *sob..sob..sob*. But, fortunately (again), I’ve printed out most of them *phew*. So now I have to start collecting all over again (I’ve already started a bit,though..hehehe)

Anyway, I’m looking forward to Friday..coz I’m planning to see my best friends ^_^..miss them so…^^

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