CNY party

Have a wonderful night today. Been invited to a CNY party [a little bit late,huh?] by ABN-AMRO Bank [well, actually it was my mother’s friend that was being invited, but my mom and I could come also..hehehe] at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta. Wew…very nice. The female guests are supposed to wear Cheong Sam while the male are supposed to wear formal attire. The ballroom where the event was held was decorated with Chinese-style-ornaments and the employees of ABN-AMRO were also dressed in Chinese traditional clothes. At the beginning, they had this “peramal” woman…*hehehe* who is quite famous in Indonesia. She told us about the Fire Dog Year, what will happen, etc. Then there was MaylaFayza, Indonesian female violinist. Her playing style is like Vanessa Mae. And there was also Alena, a young Indonesian female singer. To my surprised, she can speaks Chinese fluently![I thought she couldn’t speaks Chinese although she’s a Chinese-Indonesian..hehe], and her voice was very soothing, and she interacted with the guests very well. Besides them, there was also this “12 Cents” Band [hope I write it correctly,bcoz I don’t know what is their exact name *12 cents?12 sense?…*..hehehehe]
Then…the dinner was also nice. There were 9 types of food served on the table *so fulll*.
Before the dinner and the entertainment, we had a cocktail outside the ballroom where the guests can have wine/fruit juice and snacks while being entertained by a Chinese Zither nice ^^. I was talking with my friend, Cintan, while watching the Chinese Zither when suddenly two photographers asked us whether he can take our pictures to be put in magazine. So he took our pictures and asked for our names, and I found out that they were from “Peak” and “Tatler” magazine [they are like lifestyle magz, and are distributed for free in Jakarta]

Sooo…we finally go back home…feel happy of course. Nice place, nice food, nice entertainment, and…being captured for magazine!huahauahuaa…*that’s what Cintan and I said =p*

One thought on “CNY party

  1. Ciee…nek!!u’ll be on magazine huh?well even though it’s free..hey it’s a start..hahaha..don’t forget to get ton and ton of that magaz..and show it to me someday kay? So I can see my crazy sis on a magaz..* proud* I just can’t stop myself to wonder, why in the world that person chose u anyway?hihihi..oh well, good going for u..*i’m act as if u become a model or something, dramatic mode on* wakakakk…

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