Hepi bday to Cimir…

Hepi bday to Cimir! She’s one of the MoYung-ers and she’s turning 20 today…wishing u all the good things…in study, love, and life…hehehe…

Suddenly I remember the MoYung-ers back in Jakarta. I miss those “CapSa” time with them. Four of us are addicted to Capsa, I guess. We can play that card game non-stop. Last time when we went to Anyer, we played Capsa from evening until night non-stop for about 5 hours! We just had a short break for dinner, then continued our game…ckck…And we play capsa everywhere we go…in restaurant while waiting for the food, at the airport, hotels, our homes *for sure*, and everywhere we can play. lol…too addicted, eh? =p

just wanna wish Cimir a happy bday, actually…hehehehe ^_^

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