Hmmm..just talking about shopping with Agnes…and it makes me think…”Why do women like to shop??”
Soo…I asked her about it and she said…
“Shopping intuition is the worst intuition for women. It is a robber for every women. They have to be careful with it because it will “steal” their money before they realized it” *Suddenly….”Hey, where’s my money??I thought I have some here just now?!”*

Hahaha..well, I think shopping is women’s natural intuition. Once they shop, they can’t stop!haha… least that’s what happened to me and my friends =p. Usually we stop after we realized that we’ve spent so much…lol =p.

Shopping can be a fun experience. You can find some nice and cute stuffs *that’s what make us spend so much on shopping -_-* . Besides, shopping is also a good stress reliever…hahahaha…*in my opinion =p*.

OK..nothing much to out of words already…hehehehe…caoooo


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