Easter Eve

Just came back from Akang n Angga’s house…well, it’s already 4 o’clock in the morning…
but I feel like writing now..lol.

Today is Holy Saturday [for Catholics, you guys must have known this, rite? =)]. So me, one of my housemates, and three friends of mine went to the church. For today, there were 2 masses held: 6:45 pm and 10:30 pm. We went for the 6:45 pm one. When we arrived at the church, the choir was doing a rehearsal. Then my housemate said, “Hey, why it’s in Mandarin?”. Then we listened carefully, and..yess…they sang in Mandarin. Then I said, “Oh..maybe they’re just practicing. I think the mass is still in English”. Then we went upstairs to our usual place. The choir and the strings ensemble were still practicing and suddenly they showed the song lyrics on the wall by using a projector….and…the lyrics were in Chinese!hahahaha…then my housemate said, “See, I’ve told you! The mass will be in Chinese!Then how?we don’t understand?” *while laughing, of course*. “It’s OK lar…just for experiences”, I replied. Lol…
Then she asked me whether I’ve asked the Church management that which mass will be in English *I called the church management in the afternoon to make sure about the mass time, coz I was sure the time will change* . And the answer…yess…you guess it…NO!hahaha…so..I think it was a bit of my fault too..lol =p.
So we decided to went out for a while and came back for the 10:30 pm mass. We went to a shopping complex nearby *not really near, though…a bit far*. We had our dinner, and look around until 10 pm, then we went back to the church. Unfortunately, we could not light our candles at the Celebration of Light session [the first session in Holy Saturday / Easter Eve’s Mass where the priest lights up a giant candle while the audiences light up their candles. They were supposed to buy the candles before the mass started. The candles usually were sold in front of the Church’s main entrance by the Church management] because we were sitting at the second floor. I guess they were afraid the candles would burn the carpet [yup..the balcony at the second floor is using carpet]
Shortly, the mass ended at almost 1 am. Two and a half hours..*at first they announced that the mass will be three hours long!*.
After the mass, we headed for McD…lol. Yeah2…some of us were hungry [again]. So we went to a McD drive-thru in a gas station not really far from my apartment complex. And we bought some snacks from 7-Eleven as well.hehehe…
So we reached the apartment at 2 something, and we directly went to my friends’ place to eat the food. But wait! we did not only eat. When we arrived at their place, a surprise had been waiting for us! Lots of belatung [umm…sorry..can’t recall the English version. Belatung is somekind of baby worm…something like that] were waiting for us on the floor *my friends’ unit is in the first floor*. So we threw away all the belatungs and threw the trashes out. Then one of my friend swept and mop the floor. Then we finally ate the McD together..hahaha…
While eating, of course, we talked a lot, from A – Z. Until we didn’t realize that it’s already 4 am!Lol…well, my housemate had already felt sleepy, so I decided to went back home. Soo…here I am…typing this post…hehehe…

Well, a nice experience on Easter, wasn’t it?hahaha…Anyway, Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! May God’s blessing fall upon you all ^_^


3 thoughts on “Easter Eve

  1. hmm…ga ngerti juga deh nek…mungkin krna lagi suka ujan jadi lembab2 gitu udaranya, mungkin juga dari sampah2nya mereka yang udah beberapa hari ga dibuang…entahlah..

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