Nothing important here…

I can’t believe it’s already week 13! Tsk tsk tsk…how time flies…
3 more weeks to go..and… I comeeee…hahaha…

Hmmm…haven’t got any plans for the holiday, actually *hey, it’s still 3 more weeks…*
But hopefully my main activity will be spending time with my lovely best palz and frenz for sure ^_^… I’ve missed them all so much =( …If it’s possible, I actually want to nge-band *hehehe* again wif the Classic…hehehe….miss those practice-every-weekend times ^_^
And another thing is…spend some times with my lovely K-80 and EL-60, and probably, with my brownie Haydn *err..sorry, forgot the brand name. It’s a composer surname starts with H..have tried to remember it, but… =p* as well..since I haven’t practice for a long time…hehehe =p. I’m still very bad at playing it, anyway…still at the very very very beginner level..haha *I realize that I learned it too late although I’ve been adoring and wanted to play it so much since I was a kid*

I’m in the middle of doing my MCI essay…and I’m fed up looking at those never ending words, sentences, paragraphs…-_-
Need some refreshment…

Btw, I feel like eating bakuteh now! hahaha…the one in Petaling Street is very niceeee….I want I want I want =p
Does anyone willing to buy and deliver it for me?? *I wonder whether the uncle still open the stall at this time…haha*

Ermm…why this post is so mixed up?! Lol..I just write anything comes across my mind currently…ok2..I should stop this crap here…hehe…ciaooo ^_^

p.s: NEK, where r u?? How’s the NY trip?must be nice la yaa…hehehe…go online donk…tell me the story and share the photos as usual ^_^


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