Pulau Kapukkkkk…..

Wuahh…finally I’m done with the MCI essay…hahaha…I’ve done it in dunno how many days *sebenernya seh udah bikin dari minggu lalu, tp berhubung gue suka males,jadi yaaaaa..gitu d..hehehe…*, but then I managed to finish it yesterday, and I did it..haha…finish at 5am, then went to Pulau Kapuk at 5.30am and woke up at 7.30 *actually I set the alarm at 8:30, but then I dunno why I wake up earlier before the alarm rang…hehehe*
Then I headed to campus at 9:45am to do video editing with my FTV group members. Mcel and I were so sleepy since both of us didn’t get enough sleep last nite. I slept for 2 hours and she slept for 3 hours only. So when Mata and Achie left us for the FTV club meeting, both of us were soooooo sleepy we couldn’t stand it until we slept in front of the computer *purposely*..hahaha…but that was just for awhile only until Achie and Mata came back *They came back just in time. We were about to packed all of our things *including theirs* because we need to go for our FTV class*. After class *which was dismissed in about 30 minutes*, we continue our editing, and this time, it ended up with taking lots of picture with Mcel’s cell phone..hahahaha…*editing apa poto2 neng?*, but we also did our editing as well…hahaha

Went back home by 7:30 pm bus *the last school bus…* and Chen Yee and I directly filled our tummy wif fried rice..lol…hungry =p
Then I went to the Pulau Kapuk for awhile…couldn’t sleep so well since my housemate disturbed me..hahaha…
Soo….came back from the Pulau Kapuk, and to my surprise, I found Chen Yee was sitting on the sofa reading a magazine…hahahaha….she laughed at my hair *I’ve just washed my hair and haven’t comb it when I go to sleep*. She said it looks like I’ve put some gels on my hair…wet-look style…lol

And here I am now…typing this crap…while doing 20 sketches for the magazine layout assignment *the only individual assignment I have left….Yayyy!! ^_^*
Still a bit sleepy, though…=p

Anyway, I got kissed by the iron a few days ago. It kissed me twice within two days…tsk tsk tsk…what a poor right arm of mine…


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