Sunday, June 11, 2006

5 am – Plan: go to Bangsar to shoot an illegal motor race
5:20 – Plan cancelled because of storm in Cyberjaya

12 something pm – Went for lunch
1 something pm – Finished lunch. Headed to Gombak
2 something pm – Reached the Tanah Pekuburan Taman Keramat, Gombak. Shot some footages there
3 something pm – Finished shooting. Headed to Ampang
3:30 pm – Shot some footages on the street in front of the twin towers
4 something pm – Finished shooting. Took pictures with some monks *whom we didn’t know where they come from* and in front of the twin towers as well *sampe pegel nyetel kameranya*. Continued with take-a-look-around *which ended up in shopping* and dinner and dessert

8:30 pm – Went out of the parking lot. Destination: Cyberjaya
almost 9 pm – Change of destination: Putrajaya
9 something pm – Reached Putrajaya. Walk around the “center”. Sat down. Chit chat *accompanied by Pringles*. Took lots of photos. Laughing out loud till our tummy aches
10:30 something pm – Headed for Cyberjaya. No change of destination

Hahaha….what a day! So relaxing, since we only did a little shooting and lots of refreshments..haha…=p
Oya..and a very happy birthday to Ernest who’s turned 20 on June 11, 2006. Hope u had a marvelous bday ^_^

2 thoughts on “wew…

  1. dodol liat aja lo mell, ahahaha…. diem2 y *-papaan tuh nama triple a? kayak tipe batere??jalan2 trus yeh..g kerja berpuluh2 jem semingguga adiiill

  2. senang yah fun fun, hehehehe, tapi masi harus shoot sana shoot sini, hehehe gue dah bebas lho, hehehe tapi jangan pernah mention result ke gue, bisa setresss

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