Nothing special here…

This is life. It has ups and downs as well.
What goes up must comes down…

Hmm…that’s just a quote…it doesn’t have any connection with what I want to share with you guys this time…Dunno why, I suddenly feel like writing this coz it passed my mind suddenly 🙂

I almost lost one of my best friends last time *it’s long time already, though. About 5 years ago, but it still remained clearly in my mind*. It was only because of a very simple thing, but I didn’t know why, maybe I was in a not-really-good mood, I ended up losing my temper and I kinda shouted at her! OMG…and if I didn’t call her to apologize on the next day, it is possible that I might have lost her as one of my best friends. To be honest, it really took me so much courage to call her and apologize. Fortunately, she is the understanding type of girl. She said that it’s ok, and advised me not to be too emotional, because actually she was only joking! Gosh…I guess I really lost my mind that time.

Well, that small case gave me a lesson, and since that, I’ve tried to restrain my anger. Hmm..maybe some of you didn’t know that I was quite easy to get angry last time. But now not anymore ^_^ . I guess it keeps changing as I get older…

Guys, I need you opinion now. How do you think I am? Be honest please…I just wanna know what people actually think of me. Don’t be afraid to write the bad side of me. I actually wanna know about it ^_^
Thanks ^____________^ *senyum seluas samudera*

p.s: actually i get the idea of asking you guys about how am i coz a friend of mine asked me about him =p

3 thoughts on “Nothing special here…

  1. Oppzz..totally forgot about the bad side of you!1) can be hard headed 2) easily forgot 3) kadang susah abis dibilangin, esc. klo disuruh tone down a bit in public places..wew.. (totally got to do w/ the shameless side of ya!)4) LAZY!!!Yap..that’s all that i can remember for now..add more later..^^Luph,-Na-

  2. * mode on*Hi sis, as long as I know you I don’t think you are an emotional person. Although, I admit back then..well around the time that u said, u r kinda easily upset especially about your..*i’ll tell u on our “call”*. I remember u r actually kinda a bit annoy w/ her being around. I believe, u r supposed to be closer to her than me back then. I felt it..ur parents thought that way too.Oh well, everybody had to grow up and so did u. U r actually closer to her and still close to me though..However, u r still that crazy Amel that I used to know back then. I don’t think that “John Robert Power” thing u took actually work for ya. ‘though I’ve to admit u r kinda in the feminin side right now *hat ups*. BUT!!!there is another thing that I believe won’t change about u at all!!TALKACTIVENESS, CRAZYNESS, STUPIDITY. In short!U GROW UP TO a BETTER PERSON..PATIENCE,FUN,FRIENDLY and SHAMELESS as usual..THE LAST ONE WON’T EVER CHANGE!!TRUST ME..Love,UR SIS..-Na-

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