It’s Friday, people! and yesss weekend is comingg..
ei, it’s already Saturday, actually. 1:40 am.
Havent sleep, but I’ll be having class in about 7 hours and 20 minutes from now -_-
Class on Saturday?Arghh…come on! It’s supposed to be my weekend! But, yeah, I have no choice. The lecturer can only teach us on Saturday. *It’s an elective subject, btw*
Haihz..well, guess I can only be patient till the end of the semester.

Anyway, I went to the Pooh Festival in Mid Valley this afternoon with Christal, the “p0ohz”. hehehehe…It’s the second time for her and first time for me. Winnie the Pooh is celebrating his 80 years of adventures. Soooo as a disney lover, I had to go to the celebration..haha.
So we went to Mid Valley at almost 2 pm. When we were about to reach MV, we saw lots of cars queueing to get into the tempat letak kereta..hehehehe. So we decided to find another place to park her car. We went to KL Sentral, and when we were about to take the parking ticket, we read the board that says “RM3.00 for the first hour”..muahahahaha…we were shock to see that parking fee. “So how?”, she asked. Then I told her to take the ticket first, and then we drive out of there. We thought that there’ll be free parking for the first 10 or 15 minutes like other places usually have *even in our “mata duitan” kampus, it’s free for the first 15 minutes*
Unfortunately, when we wanted to pay the parking fee, we asked whether they have that kind of system or not, and yeaa you guess. They don’t have! So we need to took out 3 blue notes out of the purse and gave them to that parking-lot-guy…
After that we headed to Segambut, park the car at the Segambut KTM station, and off we go to Mid Valley..woohooo~~~~

Shortly, after reachin’ Mid Valley, we directly went upstairs to the MVEC (Mid Valley Exhibition Centre) on the 3rd floor *still hoping we could catch the 2:30 pm photo session). We’ve tried to ask the “security” crew there to let us in to que for the photo session with Pooh and friends, but they gave a big no for us. hikz…
So we went for lunch first, since both of us were starving; Kim Gary was our destination..

Eh, waitt…I haven’t shown you the best part of this exhibition…eng ing engg…

Taraaaaa…presenting you…the giant Pooh plush! Woooo…so cute eh? There are only three of this in Malaysia, and they were sell through auction! So if you guys interested, go join the auction, and pay RM800,000 only..haha..wew..I wonder how can I wash Pooh this big if I own it..haha. I’ll surely bring it to a laundry, but I can’t imagine the expression of the laundry-man when he sees the HUGE doll. I think no washing machine is prepared for washing a doll at this size…ahahaha…

[That’s me in mozaic btw. Abis susah ngecrop fotonya. Muka gue deket banget ama bonekanya…]

OK, back in Kim Gary…
We ordered *what was that?*..ermm..well, I dunno the name..ahaha..but it was delicious. Each person got Rice+ grilled eel+green peas+fried egg+mushrooms+sauce in a hot bowl *erm…kinda hotplate la..ahaha* Slurrpptt…can go for it again next time ^_^
and we ordered the toasted bread wif condensed milk and butter… big and so filling *I’ve never tried that one before* with lotssss of butter on the top.

This is my food, after I put the sauce onto it..See the grilled eel?Sllurrptt…Yumm…

…and this is Christal’s before the sauce was poured in..hehe..your saliva drooping already?hehehe…

Sorry, no pic for the toasted bread…

After busy eating,we looked at our watch and…it was almost 4 pm! we rushed to ask for the mai dan, pay, and quickly went upstairs again. But unfortunately, we were late *againnnn*. The crew had closed the gate again. So we had to wait for another 1.5 hours…Kasian ya…just wanna took A picture with the three cuties there also ma fan. Haihz…
While waiting, we went around the exhibition hall and looked for cutie2 stuffs..hahaha.
It ended up with me buying a scarf and a pack of CD-R with Winnie the Pooh graphics on it *belinya kongsian ama Christal*. Wooo~~~

Finally, we could take a photo with the three musketeers on the stage..yippieee *so happy?!*
yaa gitu deh. So we ended up with a happy snap with them, n at the end, I bought a red long sleeve shirt with the 80 years anniversary of adventure’s Pooh’s graphic. weeee~~ ^_^

Christal also tried to play the Pooh robot. A small cute robot with remote control. If only I have a baby, maybe I would have ended up buying it for him/her…hahaha. Unfortunately, the cutie robot cannot make a u-turn or turn left-turn right. So stupid right? Lucu2 koq bodo?hehehehe…

This is the cute robot…kawaii?

Then, there was a storm in KL! Walao…I was accompanied by heavy rain along my way home *but God loves me. He stops the rain when I reached Cyberjaya..hehehe*. When I reached KL Sentral, I saw the door *pintu tarik yang kayak di ruko2 atau garasi itu loh..apa si namanya?* was half-closed with lotsss of people inside buying tickets on the machine or queueing at the ticket counter . Then I wondered what was happening there. Later on I found out from my friend that the LRT was flooded! What?LRT?flooded?? gosh…I guess the sky really cried hard this time. Btw, KL was also flooded yesterday due to heavy rain. Because of that, my friend couldn’t went back from her office in KLCC to KL Sentral. So she took a cab and the driver charged her and a friend of hers RM40! RM40 from KLCC to KL Sentral?Siao!!Gila kali ye tu supir taksi. mentang2 taksi2 pada ga mau *karena alesannya macet*, dia ngetok segitu mahalee…

When I was in the bus *which took me 1 hour and 10 minutes from KL Sentral to Putrajaya Sentral – usually it only needed 30 minutes to reach there~ with jamless yaaa..hehehe [kata2 darimana pula itu “jamless”?!]*, a friend of mine sms-ed me asking something and said that there was heavy rain in Cyberjaya also, completed with thunders all the way. Tsk tsk tsk…the beginning of the rainy season [cucian gue makin lama donk keringnyaaaa]~~~

Errmm…seems that my posting is quite long already, and…yeah…ga penting juga kali yeee..ehehehe…sori d kalo ga penting =p’s 3:49 am already! I guess I’d better go to Pulau Kapuk now if I don’t want to be late tomorrow *halah, biasanya juga kesiangan*
Okie dokie…ciaoooo ^____________^ *senyum seluas samudera*

Quote of the day:

You’ll find that life is still worthwile if you just smile 🙂

[Smile – Nat King Cole ~ thx Mr.Cole ^_^]

2 thoughts on “Fridayyyyyyy

  1. lol..yeaa i can imagine that! it will be sooo funny.ahauahauahauaua..a 41 year old auntie queueing alone in the line, waiting desperately to take pictures with the three cutie friends and shouted full of joy and delight when she saw them coming on the stage…ahahaha..hey, who knows i can join u?lol..i will be 40 by then..wakakakakakakakkakaka…

  2. huahe… i juz lurv it… this Year is Pooh 80th aniversary… if i’m still a fan oof Pooh during his 100th, i will be…. 41 years old then… huahahaha…then u will see a 41 year old aunty fighting its way up the stage with babies & small little kids to take pics with the 3 characters… lol…*can self laugh just thinking bout it… * … lol super loud this time….

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