Haihzz…I’ve written quite a long post, and I accidentally plug my laptop’s cable off! Arrghhh!!
So I need to type it all over again…-_-

On behalf of the Malaysia’s Merdeka day which is coming in 1 day [tomorrow!], the LUCT FTV club held three screenings from Monday [28/08/06] to Tuesday [29/08/06]. The movies screened on the first day was “Bukit Kepong” and “Paloh”. Yea…all of them were Malaysian movies, that’s why they named it the Patriotic Week. Wew~~
Sooo…at first I planned to watched both movies on Monday, but I was overslept! So, I didn’t manage to watch the “Bukit Kepong”. And “Paloh”? well, I did come to watch, but I guess I was already a bit late, so I missed some parts at the beginning, and it made me lazy to watched it. They held the screening at the amphitheatre! Gosh…fyi, the amphiteatre is an open-space place with “undak2 – ermm sorie, can’t recall the english version for that =p-” to sit on, and, yeah, at first I was also like “What?you guys wanna held a screening there? How can you do that?”, and the girl who gave me the ad poster just smile and said, “Don’t worry, just see it later”.
Well, so they finally put a quite-big screen at the amphi, but then it wasn’t really comfortable to watched movies there, since the sunlight made it a bit hard for us to see the visuals, you get what I mean? and I think there aren’t many luct students who like this kind of film [one of them is old film, and yeaaa maybe some people find it quite boring to watch the war stuffs and so], so there were only like 15 people who were interested in watching it, although it was for free.

The screening on the next day was more interesting, I think. The movie was “Embun”. I really wanted to watch this movie coz I heard it’s very interesting. For the ftv club members, we disn’t need to pay any fee, but for the non-members one, they need to pay for RM2. Since I’m a member of the ftv club, I didn’t need to pay anything..hehehe.
Ok, so the movie was good. Interesting for me. Although the storyline is a bit loose, but it’s not a big problem. I like the setting, especially. Moreover, Erma Fatima, the movie director, came to visit us also!Wooo…

picture taken from suria.mediacorptv.com

“Embun” is a movie set in Malaya during the Japanese occupation in the 1940s. It is a story of a girl named Embun who was thrown into the forefront of the struggle against the Japanese when her freedom-fighter brother, Bayu, and father are detained by the Japanese. In the midst of it all, she’s also attracted to the Japanese army public relations man, Koishi, who is assigned to explain the Japanese propaganda to the Malays and win their support. Koishi also has a personal mission to fulfil in Malaya to find the Malay man who married his mother (in other words, his father) when she served as a Japanese spy prior to the occupation [quoted from imdb since I’m lazy to write .lol]

Well, maybe you could give it a try sometimes. Another Msian movies I like besides Sepet…*hey, I heard that Big Durian is also nice..but haven’t got a chance to watch it -_-*. Anyway, I’m also craving to watch The Last Communist, but since it’s banned in Msia *although it’s a Msian movie*, so I asked my cousin to look and buy it for me in Spore since he’s staying in Spore..hehehehe ^^

Okie dokie…enuf for now…

One thought on “Embun

  1. iye… i miss Embun…. Damn bad Henry disallow me to catch it…Instead he talk all over again of A Famosa Resort brief… ish.. such a waste of time…Don’t you have anything better to teach us…Sorry ya Amel, using ur blog comment to melepaskan geram aq…lol… thx…

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