gigi berpager…

I got my braces yesterday! Wew~ *cling!*
Yeaa..I’ve been planning to wear braces since last semester. Actually I planned to wear it while I was still in high school, but back then, I was still afraid of the pain I’ll feel from wearing braces…ahahahaha…what a coward, eh? But now I want to achieve a nicer teeth 🙂

I’ve visited the dentist two weeks ago and told him that I’m planning to wear braces, bla bla bla, and he took the model of my teeth. The next week I came again and he explained everything I need to know: how long will I have to wear it, the cost,etc etc etc…

And sooo…yesterday I came there to have my teeth braced. Sitting, almost laying, for 15 minutes with a plastic retractor in my mouth and biting the water absorber while waiting for the glue *which used to stick the bracket on the tooth* to set wasn’t really a nice thing to do since I got nothing to see except the ceiling and some pictures on the wall..lolz.
Shortly, I am now having a metal mouth..ahahaha…the dentist said I need to wear it for 1.5 years only..hopefully it will be faster..heheheh ^_^

After having my braces done, I straightly went to iOi mall for pizza with seven friends. We gave the Triple Chicken Cheesy Bites a try. Woohooo~


Hmmm…nice cheesy filling with three types of chicken, mushroom, onion, slurrrpptt…but since I haven’t used to my braces, I couldn’t chew well, so I just cut mine into small pieces, chew for around three times, and swallow

*sorry, haven’t received the photos of the full team from joanne n chen yee…update soon*

Ouw, and last but not least, today is the Merdeka day for Malaysia, so…Happy 49th Merdeka for all Malaysian! ^_^

*update2….here’s the picture of eight of us having pizza ^_^*


One thought on “gigi berpager…

  1. Let me see!Let me see!kok excited bgt ya? nenek dodol..abis pasank braces makan makanan gituan lagi..mana mampu..haha..rugi bisa rasain ah..iseng doank kok sis..

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