Happy birthday kucai!

Takaful Malaysia..yeaa..that company will be our assignment for these two semesters. Corporate video script for this semester, and the production on the next semester[a.k.a my final sem =)]

Met the guy from Takaful again today with the whole group members, as well as the other group who will be doing the [apa tu video yang satunya]……………… . He introduced our project manager for later on. She is very nice and friendly. Well, at least that’s what we get from today’s meeting..hahaha.
Hopefully we can do a good work for them. Yeaaa it’s for our [kepentingan] also wat?!

Soo…the meeting ran smoothly. Christal asked me to go with her to take photos for her assignment, but I was sleepy I chose to went back home with Achie and Mata.
And I just remembered that tomorrow is Achie’s 23rd bday! Gosh..I thought it is still August until I asked Achie, “Hey, where will the makan2 be next month?” [I mean her bday-red.]. Then Mata said, “What next month? It’s tomorrow!”, and I was like…Ouww yaaaa..I forgot that it’s already September. The 1st of September. Lol. So Mata and I are planning on sprinkling SOME powder onto her and then give her a cake. But we can’t go and buy the cake together since Achie is staying with Mata. Haihz..so I’m the one who’ll buy the cake later. Now I’m waiting for Juanita to come back and then we’ll go to Alamanda together; the nearest place to get a cake ~ Secret Recipe…=)

*Already back from Alamanda with a chocolate banana cake from Secret Recipe..yumm..all preparing for surprising Achie*
And we found a stupidity made by the person who wrote on the cake…

See? Mata–>Nata , Amel–>Arel! Waks…since when my name becomes Arel and Mata becomes Nata?waahahahha..lol..stupid…

Mata sms-ed me juz now to tell me that she has let the front gate of her unit opened so we can come in secretly..hihihi…We have prepared a nice gift for her, such as: talcum powder *quite a LOT*, some butter, and a “mocktail” consists of conditioner, handwash liquid, and water mixed together…
02:45 am

Ok, soo..here’s what happened to the tasty chocolate banana…

See the stages of the cake being ruined?
It’s all because of this…

Mataaaaa..why you poured the talc before Angel put away the cake first?? Actually Angel has given her a sign not to pour it before she blew the candle and she put away the cake, but looks like she didn’t get it or what, soo…yeaa….

And here’s what happen after we showered her with the potion…

Whahahahaha….she really smells verryyyy “nice”…as sweet as a sour cake dough..haha… *euhhh*

I don’t know how many times she soaked herself with soap and shampoo after that..lol…
Well, Happy 23rd bday, Achie/Kucai/Cicak! haha…All the best in everything you do: life,study,and love life..hehehehe =)

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