It’s Saturday nite, beybehhh..

Saturday nite.
Spent my day in Bukit Bintang. At first Angel asked me to accompanied her to do a site visit in Bukit Bintang, but then it’s already quite late when we reach there so we didn’t go to church today *oopsss* coz when we reached kl it was already 4:30 sumthing and we directly went to fill our hungry stomach. After lunch, it was already 5:30 pm, so we’ll be late for church for sure…

So we juz spent our Saturday night there at Bukit Bintang, walking around between Sg Wang and Lot 10..dunno what we’re doing there…haha.
Try new menu on Delifrance for our lunch….

~My Creole Chicken Gratin..yummm~

~Angel’s Beef Rendang Gratin..asian taste~

If we add another RM2, we can choose to add either soup of the day, bread pudding, or a glass of ice lemon tea. I chose the bread pudding and Angel chose the soup of the day…

~Sllurrpppttt….it’s nice! ey, be careful with ur saliva ya..~

Then Angel ordered another side dish…

~I forgot what’s the name *it’s in france*, but it’s quite nice. Two types of garlic bread *three pieces of the standard garlic bread, and another three with tomato sauce* with three types of dippings: Tuna, Chicken, and Seafood *if I’m not mistaken*~

I took a small piece of the garlic read, dipped it into the Tuna, bite, and…Ouch! I forgot I’m still can’t chew on really hard food, so it hurts…Well, the garlic bread was quite hard. Hikz….=(

Then I got myself an Eason Chan’s CD for RM10 only! Hahahaha..bought it in HongKong Video in Sg Wang. They often have sale for CDs, VCDs, and sumtimes DVDs.Wooo~
Last time I also bought 2 Final Fantasy CDs there for only RM12 each!haha…so cheap, eh?

Oh..and I saw this….

~Some guys playing some kind of long pipes in the middle of the road. Interesting~

Yeaa so that’s how I spent my Saturday night this week…another spending-money-day…arrghhhh…..I’m bankrupt already… -_-

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