Girl’s survey

01. Eyeliner or mascara?
– eyeliner in dark brown =)

02. Disney films or scary films?:
– disney films for sure..but scary films also interesting 😀

03. Skirts or jeans?:
– both..=)

04. Socks or leggings?:
– socks

05. Hoodies or jackets?:
– both..hehehe

06. Heels or sneakers?:
– both also…^^

07. Straight or curly hair?:
– straight! but in some occations, curly is nice~

08. Hoop or dangling earrings?
– dangling earrings~

09. Side bangs or one lengthed?:
– side bangs

10. Your favorite color:
– pink, blue, white..

11. Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body?
– both have nice-scented products…haha

12. Smoothies or lattes?
– smoothiessss…

13. Diet or regular sodas?:
– dun care..i’m not a soda drinker..

14. Water or daquiris?:
– water

15. Diamonds or pearls?
– both are sparkling *bling bling*..soooo…hehehehe…

16. Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen?:
– Mary Kate..but both of them are pretty and talented…

17. This or That?:
– huh??

18. iPod or cell phone?:
– cell phone, as i dun have iPod..*Creative rocks!lol*

19. Friends or family?:
– both!! Can’t live without them…they’re my precious =)

20. Manicure or pedicure?:
– manicure aja dah

22. Love or peace?:
– both

23. Sunglasses or purses?:
– ermm…purses..hehe

What you have:
[ ] coach purse
[ ] dooney & bourke purse.
[x] a computer.
[x] a cd player.
[x] a stereo.
[ ] a spice girl cd.
[x] cosmo magazine
[x] a teddy bear.
[ ] build a bear.
[ ] an Aeropostale skirt.
[ ] an Abercrombie skirt.
[ ] a hot topic shirt/skirt
[ ] aeropostale shirt/pants.
[ ] the mean girls dvd
[ ] a TV in my room.
[ ] diamond earrings.
[x] pearl necklace.
[x] homecoming/prom dress.
[x] a book. ——>of course larr..who on earth doesn’t have a single piece of book?
[x] a myspace account.
[x] perfume or spray.
[x] a black shirt.
[ ] an abercrombie or hollister shirt.
[x] pink nail polish.

Girl Knowledge:

Do you know exactly where the blush goes?

Do you wash your face at least once a day?
for sure..

Do you use an eyelash curler?

Do you use waterproof mascara?

*This is the result of boredom…posting 2 bulletin boards in a day -_-*

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