What would you do if someone you didn’t expect to appear suddenly pop in your pages of life AGAIN??

it’s happening…the feeling i’m burying deep down inside is now crawling up to the surface again…
what should i do? should i just try to let it go or should i let it stay inside?
the memories are passing by…each and every one of them…

as always, i keep everything inside although it hurts.
i don’t know…i’m just used to it.
i think i just don’t want people to see that i’ve been hurt.
as like…well, i don’t know how to say…lol =p

i know it sounds selfish.
i don’t want people to keep their hurting feelings inside
so i want them to share it with me[well, i always say they can share it with me if they want to]
but i rarely share my problem with them
as if i don’t want to encumber them with another problem

but then, some people say that it is not good to always keep everything by yourself…

Quote of the day: it hurts to see the people i love being hurt by love…

4 thoughts on “

  1. probs will always arise in life… one after another… you can count on me.. you can share your probs to me.. INDO also gpp… then i can learn more INDO vocab… lol…see you around college gal…

  2. Agree!!It isn’t good to keep everything to urself..Share it..you’ll feel better in the end..You see..everybody has their own problem But, sometimes we can learn something from other people problem..So no worries…share it, you’ll never know what good thing will happen after..You know there is always something good from everything..even from bad things..Niweiz!!Sis, u know u can alwayz count on me..I’ll be here for u n won’t feel ur problem is my burden..If so, u know I’ll be honest and “told u to shut up” *nicely of course!!^^*So yeah!If u have problem,share it!Luph,-Na-

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