Ok, so there was a fire just now in the unit just beside mine!
At first, Juan and I heard somebody screaming [stupid me thought it was a cat shrieking cos it sounds like one..hahaha], then we were talking in the kitchen and heard people screaming continuously. We thought there was a fight outside. So we opened the laundry-room-door slowly [afraid if there was really a fight, something may flew towards us..hehe], and then I smell smokes, and she saw flame! Then she said “Kebakaran, Mel!”, and yeahh the flame was big!
Then we quickly took our cellphones and woke Angel up. She was sleeping at that time and she locked the door! We were like panic and bang on her door until she came out [in shock, of course] We rushed downstairs and not long after that, the people who are staying in my block also rushing downstairs. wew~ I heard a person said the fire was because of the gas..maybe the gas was leaking or sumthing. We were just afraid if there’s going to be any explosion. Fortunately, there wasn’t 🙂 I saw some people were able to brought some “un-necessary” things such as laptops. The funny thing was, there was this friend of mine. When we met at the stairs he told us that he was doing his assignment, then he dissapeared. Later on, we saw him walking out of the block with a backpack!muahahaha…he brought his assignment along… Slowly, those people who brought camera along started to taking pics. I took some pics with my cellphone oso… *sorry for the unclear pics..well, nokia 6680 is only supported with 1,3mp camera…*

~the crowd outside my block~

~another not-so-clear- pic~

Fortunately nobody was injured *from what I see lar*. pheww…
Ouw, and the firemen came also, but I guess they were late since the securities and some people help to fought the fire. So, mo yung yaaa..hehehehe

When we went back home, we found this…

~the gas from neighbor’s~ *ga penting si..iseng masukin aja..hehe*

Okie, guys…I wanna get some sleep now. I have class in 6 hours from now -_-

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