Singin’ In The Rain

As a film student, perhaps I’m a bit too late for watching this sensational film musical today. I’ve just finished watching it, and I’ve add it to my list of favorite films ^_^ Yesss, Singin’ In The Rain (1952) is “The greatest Hollywood musical ever made” -Roger Ebert-
Seems that I’m so amazed with it? yea, kinda…I lurve the way they dance *the tap dance..omg!*, the songs, the music, and the whole concept and idea of the story.

I dunno, izzit just because I love musicals or is it really one of the greatest musical ever made?
Well, I guess both of them do have a part for me to enjoy the film. I luv music, I luv movies, I luv dancing *although can’t do it well, though =p* [basically I lurveee everything with the sense of art]

Set in 1927 when Hollywood is surrounded by the troubling of the transitional period from silent to talkies in the late 1920s, the plot of this film itself is actually the “autobiography” of Hollywood itself at the early era of talkies. Actually the story itself is simple. A silent film star and matinee idol, Don Lockwood [Gene Kelly], is caught in the bumpy transition from silent to talkies, as well as his old-time buddy, Cosmo Brown [Donald O’Connor] who was a pianist in accompanying those silent movies; a prospective ladylove, Kathy Selden [Debby Reynolds]…

[Click here for more information. I’m lazy to type. Lol]

Two thumbs up for Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor for their grrreat tap dancing. I always wonder how do tap dancers are able to twist and turn their legs in such a way that resulting in harmonic tapping sounds?! *ga keseleo ya tuh?!* . Everytime I see musicals with tap-dancing scenes, I’m always amazed on the way they did it. Arrghh if only….*tip tap tip tap*–>daydreaming starts…

I’m singin’ in the rain…Just singin’ in the rain…What a glorious feeling…I’m happy again~
*sing mode:on*

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