19-and-10 months-year-old

19-and-10 months-year-old.
wonder what have i done for myself and others.
have i done my best?
i don’t think so.
but surely i am changing.
hopefully to be better.
am i?

i’ve earned lots of unpayable lessons during this 19-and-10 months-year-old period.
especially lessons in life.
to those who have provided me with lectures and everything,
i thank you guys 🙂
it is nice to hear other people’s experiences.

Just a simple 5 rules to enjoy your life…*i know you must have read it somewhere before* :

1. Free yourself from hatred, share the love.

You reap what you sown. Seed joy, get happy.

2. Be not worried of what will come in life.
Each day has its own worries.

3. Live in voluntary simplicity, learn to be content
with what we possess.

4. Give more

5. Expect less

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