1 weakness of woman…

When God created women, He worked overtime on the sixth day

An angel came and asked, “God, why it took You so long?”

He answered “Have you take a look at all of the details I have made in them?”

These two hands must be able to be cleaned, but they were not made from plastic. At least they are consisting of 200 parts which can be moved and functioning properly for any kind of food. Able to take care of a lot of kids at once, able to give hugs that can heal broken heart and disappointment, and all of them will be done only by these two hands.

The angel was amazed, “Just with those two hands? Impossible!”

Oh, no. I will finish my creature by today because this is my favorite creature. Oh yea, she will also be able to heals herself and she can work for 18 hours per day.

The angel came closer and examined the figure of the woman God created.

“But why You made it very soft?”

“Yes..I made her very soft, but you couldn’t imagine the power I have given so they can cope with lots of extraordinary things

“Can she think?”, asked the angel.

God answered “Not only thinking. She will also be able to negotiate”

The angel became more confuse…

“God, You made this creature looks weak and vulnerable. It seems like she is facing too many difficulties”

“That is neither weak nor vulnerable…that is TEARS”

“Why you made it?”, asked the angel again.

God continues…

“TEARS are a way she expressed her happiness, confusion, love, loneliness, sufferings, and joyfulness”

“You have thought about everything. This woman creature of Yours should be so wonderful!”

Yes, she should be…

This woman will have the power to mesmerize men

She will be able to encounter any burden, even men.

She will be able to keep her joyfulness.

She will be able to smile although her heart is crying out loud

Able to sing happily when crying, crying when she is touched, touched when she is laughing, even to laugh when she is frightened.

She will be willing to sacrifice herself for her loved ones

She will not refuse if she sees something better

She will submerge herself into her family

She will always help her sick friend


She will cry when she sees her son in victory

She will be happy when she sees her friend laughing

She will be joyful when she heard about newborn

Her heart will be glum when she heard about illness and death

But she will always have the capability to overcome with it

She knows that a kiss and hug can heal the wound

“There is only 1 weakness of woman”


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