Genting..again again again and again…

[Update: I’ve added some more pictures…]

Just came back home from Genting with Jessika and her family. Went there last Wednesday and stay there for two nights. Wew…this is the fourth time I go to Genting and 2nd time I stay in First World…hehehehe…

And sooo…not much to be written here..arrived at Genting at 5 pm. At first they wanted to go in the morning cos they’ve never been to Genting yet [this is their first holiday in Malaysia] so they thought there will be lots of things to do and see there. But then I asked them didn’t they want to see the other things first? So I brought them to KLCC first in the morning, and off to Genting at 4 pm.

First day…
The Awana skyway was full…Seemed like we were riding a public bus..lotsa people
Done nothing special. Just walk around the First World Plaza

Second day…
Went mad at the outdoor theme park. That day was damn crowded! and our time was wasted a lot in q-ing up for rides…haihz…
So we only managed to rode some rides…excluding the cockscrew, and spinner…
But we did ride the Flying Coaster [or as I called it Sapiderman..hauahauahua :p] for 3 continuous time..hahaha…There is a promotion for wristband holder. With the usual fee RM 10, we can go for 5 continuous rides. Woohoooo~ At first we wanted to go for five times, but then we only went for 3 times…lama2 boring ler..hahaha…

The worse part is: I failed to get Jess to ride the space shot 😦 I’ve dragged her to q up, but then in the middle of q-ing up, she escaped from me and I couldn’t catch her, not even Ervan. hauahauahaua…yeaa, so only he and I who was being thrown from about 60 metres high to the ground..hehe..
Then the sky started to crying out loud at 5 pm…made us unable to ride anything but went back in to the First World Plaza…We were hoping the rain would stop, but unlucky for us, the sky kept on crying hard till 10 pm, which means it’s the time for the theme park to close.
So me and Jess just take a walk at the First World Plaza, sitting down, ate caramel popcorn, and finally went back to our room while Ervan went back to his room earlier and their parents were playing casino..hehehe…
Felt so tired and went to Pulau Kapuk at 11 pm…ZzZzZz…

Went back to KL by 10:30 am bus. At first they did ask me to continue the journey with them to Sunway Lagoon, but I refused since I still have assignments to do…
But thanks a lot uncle and aunty ^_^
Hope your family had a pleasant journey in Malaysia =)

OK, so here’s the pics pics pics pics…yayyy! ^^

~Me n Jess~

~Jessika – Amel – Ervan with the cropped-top-twin-towers~

~Just to show you how’s the condition inside the Awana skyway..but I guess it doesn’t portray it..hehehe*

~The staffs of the Haunted Adventure [currently the name is Pontianak Adventure] dressed up for the halloween coming up. This guy pulled my bag twice to shocked me, and he succeed…~

~Horror cowboy and Chinese zombie?~

~Another self photo…hehehe~

~Nice lantern outside the First World Hotel lobby..”Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya”…hehehehehe~

~Found this cute baby on the boat in Dinosaurland at the theme park..很可爱!!She was acting really cute on the boat..hihihi~

~A cute family of cat!!Saw this on a store window..hehehe~

~Sapi bloon..hihi…stupid moo~

~Double Decker Bus…found it at the Genting Skyway Bus Station. Look at the silly face~

~Good Morrow, Genting! View from my room..No edit here~

~*Pointing at Indonesia…cinta tanah air donk..hihihi*~

~the ‘G’ stands for what? Gentingman? LOL~

~Huggin’ the tree?~

~Clear sky on my way home..I just love fluffy clouds ^_^*

6 thoughts on “Genting..again again again and again…

  1. there’s something inside it, but i dunno what since i couldn’t take a look at it cos i need to board my bus…yeaa got a dog mengganggu the cat fam..hihihi…wahh sounds like fun eh? okie, i’ll be waiting for ur story, sis…hahahaha..yea..kemaren aja gue kagetnya jadi latah bahasa indo..haha

  2. Looks like fun sis..the double decker bus is it a bus-bus or there is something in it?Aww!!the cats are cutttteeee..u-uh!is that a dog in front..lolTalking about the haunted2..I’M GOING TO HAUNTED HOUSE!!AS IN RIGHT NOW!!well 30 minutes more..waiting for Tam to pick me up..hihi.. Don’t think can take pics..but i’ll it isn’t that scary..and yeah..we all from different pasti dah sumpah serapahnya u everything after we can get out of there..Jia you!!lol

  3. hahaha…thanks if u like them ^_^iyaa.. i scream and shouted to him in indo..hauahauahaua…spontaneously :pi miss u lots toooooo…haven’t met each other for a long time…yea, our phone always being used first before we bumped into each other..lolhopefully we can hang out together at the end of sem yaaa =)muaks..

  4. ewww… cats…but i love ur pics… as silly as you always take them… emg si amel gampang dikageti deh.. huahahah…. i would like to hear ur reaction then. pasti hantu tuh juga kaget sm bhs indo lo. huahahaha….miss u lots here..hope we can bump into each other again in campus. haha.i think we never bump into each other in campus before. always kena pakei hp duluan.. huahahah… nitez…

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