End of holz…*sigh*

Good morning, people…
Hmm…officially, my mid-sem break [a.k.a DeepaRaya holiday] has over by today. Time to get back to that black campus building…Time to get back to reality..huaaaaa…
But I still have one more holiday..since I have no class on Monday..lalalalalalalalala *I-Love-Monday-dancing*

Chat with Christal last nite [or should I say ‘this early morning?] and we were procastinating our sleeping time. Both of us said we wanted to sleep now..already said “bubye” and “nitez” and everything, but suddenly we came up with another topic to talk to.hahaha..finally we said our real ‘bubye’ at 5 something am..hehehehe…
And she showed me one of her friend’s blog, and I found one of the post quite..ermm..how to say…meaningless and stupid. Yea…she talked about how she had an argument with her..*i dunno*…boyfriend-to-be?…whatever. They argued over a very SMALL and STUPID thing which I don’t find important, and neither does Christal. And when I read the post, I was like “Oh, come on…this problem isn’t supposed to be argued like this..and summore, you posted in in friendster blog? which can be read by all people in your friends list??ckckck…”

Anyway, I don’t wanna talk about it too much since I don’t know her myself.
Back to the ended holiday topic…*sigh*
Ya ya ya…time to hit those assignments again…well, as usual, holiday mood didn’t seem to cooperate well with me in doing-assignment-thingy..lol..and summore, why 24 is so addictive?!hauahauahaua..but I haven’t watched a lot of it lately…so haven’t finished the 2nd season. Gonna do a 24-ing marathon later on…hehehehe

Ummm…don’t know what else to say…


triple a ^_^

3 thoughts on “End of holz…*sigh*

  1. wakakakaka…. now u’re bloging bout some meaningless blog post…. & also our meaningless chat… where we should had went to bed for more sleep… lol…after we ended the 5am chat. I watched some TVB & CSI before going to sleep. I actually slept at 9am & woke up few hours later… lol..which now reminds me, why am i so freaking tired this few days.. gara2 ga cukup bobo.. lol… i’ve been sleeping 12 hours straight since then… huahahahaha….ya… bout 24… it’s juz so addictive… juz watch more & you still want more… lol…happy day gaL…whow… what a post.. can be my blog post d… lol…

  2. Isn’t that what blog all about?write something meaningless or sometimes stupid about some meaningless stuff in urlife..Like this entry of yours lha..mo yung punya!!lol..’though..kadang2 blog ok juga buat crita yg penting2..lol..Uda ah..susah mo comment aja nungguin lo klar mandi gara2 ‘mo yung’..wakakakak..

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