[what title should i write?]

Last night was spent mo-yung-ly with my crazy buddy, Ernestoooo..hahaha.
After church and dinner and took a walk around bb n raja chulan area to look for a car showroom, we stopped by at Haagen-Dazs in bb…too bad they ran out of our fave Macadamia Brittle…

Start drooling people…

~My tiramisu and macadamia nut plus vanilla sauce and pistachio nuts..sllurrrpptt..the tiramisu flavor is nice ^_^~

~His classic vanilla and dulce de leche *kayak dulce maria ya namanya?hihihi*…the dulce one is nice also~

Before that, when we were walking along bintang walk, suddenly this cute thing caught our attention and stopped us…

~Wahahaha…so cuteee…we directly fell in love at the first sight with this cute phone accessory. So I bought one for myself and he bought one for his friend..hihihi~

~I can’t resist seeing his expressionn..uggh…so stupid and cute…~

And I bought myself this…

~New phone strap..hehehe~

Hohoho…yea..dat’s all…*mo yung eh?hehehe*

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