Graduate-wannabe vs Graduate-to-be

[Pictures taken after the Pre-Graduation informal photo session…hehehe]
We were not malu-malu although it was on the stage in the middle of Plaza..Lol…yeaa..luct students…I think all tak punya malu…

~Graduate-wannabe with her gila graduate-to-be friend…Ms. Loh..hauahauahauahaua~

~Two happy faces of graduates-to-be and a pretending-to-be-happy-face of a graduate-wannabe??~

~We love LUCT sooo much that…

…it makes us sad to think that we’re gonna leave this dearly black campus soon…~


4 thoughts on “Graduate-wannabe vs Graduate-to-be

  1. huahahha.. i wish to leave that big black box ASAP neh…ga bs tunggu lagian deh…i’ve totally forgotten bout my unofficual graduate pics…ga edit, gpp lagi sama pic tuh… hahaha…too busy lately lagian accident aq neh…udah cukup binggung sm asgn,skrg lgian neh..udah.. nitez…

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