Baby udong has been found!

After asking Hallmark Mid Valley over and over and over again [they always ran out of stock] , finally today I could find baby Udong!! ^^
I spotted this cutie creature in Nici store in 1u…wooo..specialized Nici store..hihihi…1 whole store filled with Udong and friends’…

8 thoughts on “Baby udong has been found!

  1. Do take a pic next time nekk..ya lho..that person..haiz..forget it dah!lol..the big fat one ya nek w/ a really green someting gud do happen on ur bday..tell me..then i’ll tell u if it’s the 1 that I get the feeling about or

  2. chris: my udong got her cute li’l baby daughter..hihihinek: wahh..u gotta see what’s in store for urself nek..i forgot to take photos yesterday..lolturtle?ah yaa they have turtle there..i will buy it for you the next time i go there..hehehe…yea2..i know this got nothing to do with

  3. Gosh!!!I wonder wat else is in the to get me something cute sis!!! baby there any turtle there??u know i love turtle w/ big fat shell..hihihi…ei!!this got nothing to do w/ that stupid GR-an person..u know who..

  4. waDuh…. iNdoNs had always impress me with their stuff…& i’ve get to know the NiCi world from a few iNdoNs… although they are soft & nice to hug & touch… I STILL LOVE MY POOH….huahahaha…bLuK..!!!! neway happy u got uR uDong a new BaBy. Like father/mother, like son/daughter….hahahah

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