Yeaa..today i’m officially a headtwo..[kepala dua-red]
Thank you guyss..

To my lovely parents, thank you mom and dad..you are the first to congratulate me..00:01..haha..[and they were so happy for being the first one..hehehe]
Thank you mommyy…I know you were already sleepy, but you still tahan it to call and congratulate me..and daddy alsooo…I love youuuuu..muaks muaks muaks muaks….
I don’t know how much thank youS I should have said to you for being the most wonderful parents ever gifted by God to me =)
Thank you ^^

My dear housemates…
For a moment I thought you guys forgotten my birthday…
But it turned out wrong…
Thanks a lot girlss..I love you both..Muaks muaks muaks ^^

Mata, Achie,you are successful in lying to me…You said you guys couldn’t come to my place because of assignment, but suddenly you two showed up…hahaha..and thanks a lot for the present…both the gift and the card are soo musicaholic, eh?hehehe…thank youu…^^

And to Natcuy..although she came by the time I was being ‘tortured’ in the bathroom and watching me, but she did congratulate me..thank youuu ^^

To my dearly sis…your nick is veryy long eh?hehehe…thanks for your sms and call from Iowa [although it was MSN video call..well, it is still considered as a call, rite? hihihi] ^^

To my best friends..thanks a lot guysss..muaks…^^

and to all my friends and relatives who had congratulate me in person, through phone calls, smses [which made me awake before my alarm rang :p], friendster message and testimonials..thank youuu [my thumbs are actually tired from replying smses..lol :p] =)

yeps..here are the pics…Happy laughing at me…lol [click the thumbnail for larger and clearer view..lol]

Ohh…and I like the birthday card Achie and Mata gave me…

~Front side [can see the text? “Hug This Musician Becoz…”]~

~A pink-stripes-pop-up grand piano on the inside!~

Ohh..and yea, a usual birthday routinity…’torturing’ with magic potion…

It was all started with chocolate…

…then the real potion came along…

…resulting in..[see pictures above..they say a thousand words]
and yeaa…I smell soooo nice…like kue lapis..mwahahahahahaha

Once again…Thank you guysssss….
Gam sia..谢谢。。。Terima kasih…^_^

4 thoughts on “Headtwo!

  1. Awwww…我妹妹grown up already…yah lho..’though it’s from msn it’s still a call la..n i woke up early just for u e..n glad i kinda mess up the time if not..i bet u’ll ignoring ur msn since ur friends still there ei..So yeah..my Xskulmatemy Xneighbormy Xfrenmy bestfrenmy twinmy sis@nenek@amelia ‘apesari’ 生日你快乐!!Happy b’day!luv ya!! (directly from my msn lho..lol) maksa abis biar cukup..hehehe..Too bad I can’t be there for ur bday my sis..but hey..may be 2-3 years from now i’ll be..^^Ei..the card so nice lo..i know u really want a grand piano so..that card is a start..claps for the one that gave that to u ei..hehe…Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVELY TWIN SISTER!!!LUV U SO MUCH..n welcome to headtwo..lol..XOXO-Na-

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