For you =)

Thank you for topping up my birthday happiness!
another surprise for my birthday ^^
I guess this is one of the most wonderful birthday I’ve ever had for 20 years…

Despite the ’embarassing’ part [hihihi :p], I am quite surprised you would do that…

love you rgb.

10 thoughts on “For you =)

  1. aduh gimana kalo loe ke sini dan traktir gue di sini tar gue anterin ke restorannya terus loe bayarin makannya heheheheeh ^^’ ciciuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttt hehehehe ciciiuttttttttttttt ahhhhhhhhhhhhh hanyalah pintu yang menjadi saksi buta ^^’ wakakakakak

  2. lho saya juga mau ditraktir, 2007 pokonya loe traktir gue, ga mo tauuuuuuuuuuu, gue kan pengingat, jadi kalo urusan ditraktir ga bisa lupa tapi kalo mentraktir yah selalu lupa hehehe…aihhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmhhhh hehehehe wakakakakak hmmmmmh wakakakakaka, hehehehe kenapa ketawa sih loee??? adooooooh merusak moment deh ^^’ heheheheheh

  3. haha..maap tine gue bales commentnya ada msg yang ngasi tau loe comment..blogger payah..heheu demand details? huehuehue…bolehhh..lolmakanya kesini dong..tak traktir nantianyway, tenkiuu ^^

  4. I knew my instinct was going to happen..though I didn’t want to tell ya at first just incase he isn’t as “good” as I think he offense u really surprise sis? I thought…hmm u know wat i meant lha..Hey rGb..remember wat I told ya 😉 n nice to “know” ya ade ipar..lolCongrats to the 2 of u lho..^^Muaks2..

  5. and i thank you for making me the happiest boy ever. no one ever made my eyes wet from happiness so oftenly as you did. i want to hug you so badly right now..and i hope my crazy stunt made you happy, i really wanted to make it special for youi love you cmyk =’)

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