Birthday dinnerS…

It’s been a few days since I post something here…

First of all, Happy Birthday to Cintan and Lisan!! May you girls have a wonderful birthday =)

Last week Thursday was my 1st round of Birthday dinner. There were supposed to be 6 people, but ended up only 4 bcos the 2 busy students couldn’t make it since they were busy doing assignments -_- Sooo…Juan, Achie, Christal, and I went to… Ehh wait..just after we reached 1u, I bought a “birthday present” for…

~Huahauahaua…a set of Udong’s..hihihi…~

See her expression in close up…

~OMG! See her expression…and the flower..Lol~

Next mission: Udong’s mug..huahuahuahua…

OK2..back to the Sooo…after shop a bit in Nici, we went to…

~Some of the food we ate…hehehehe…Sllurrrpppttttt..oishi!~

~Mata, Angel…too bad you girls could not join us..rugi loo…hahahahahha :p~

After Jappy food on Thursday, seafood came to decision for my 2nd round of Birthday dinner..haha…This time, The Ship in BB was our chosen Ben, Angel, and I drifted to Puchong to picked Mr. Elbert [Ben’s *** partner] up, then we headed to The Ship….

Be ready to drool, peopleeeeee…..

~Our main courses~

~The appetizers and dessert *that one is Angel’s. I just ‘nyicip2’ a bit..hihi*~

~All Aboard with the Captainnn~

And 2 mo yung pics…

~The stupid looking Patrick, who has the same stupid face as the owner’s..mwahahahahahhaha…..right, dear? XD~

~The gay partner on Sat nite…did I choose the right bf? -_-~
Anyway, I am in my workplace now…feeling cold *it’s freezing here* and hungry…yeaa..currently I am doing internship in Orange Box Asia Sdn Bhd…and it is sooo far from my place…from Cyberjaya…allll the way to Taman Desa -_-

Okie, I need to get back to work…ciaoo peopleee…^_^

13 thoughts on “Birthday dinnerS…

  1. Ckckck!!wth!!!!!!! keep on typo n wrote the wrong thing ei…deleted so many time heh nek?Nerdy!!i think u read this already from my comment yg uda di delete..about finally some1 taking ur side..congratz for that!!lmaoTold ya already just accept n we all happy..except u though..lolN tx for the gud luck!i need it!>_<Orgh sis..the one b4 still berlaku ei..jgn ampe “ngelangkahin” daku ya..我是你”姐”ei..-_-” feel so stupid writing a comment again n again!!!lol..Eh, why do we do this anyway..i’m chatting w/ u ei..dodol bgt dahh..

  2. huahauahau yay, thanx pammie!aloooo christal ~good luck with your exam na!!and last but not least.. my babi gendut, i would always lappppppppp you even if you keep insisting i am gay.. ( T_T haihz.. sad case… )

  3. LOL…hahaaha..yea, he still doesn’t want to admit his gay-ness..lolhmm..actually i am not using the udong pouch rite’s still in the plastic bag..hahahahahayeaa i have no idea why he looks so thin on that picture…haihz..susah lah nek..kebanyakan naga di perut…lolpadahal yang di poto G.A.Y-nya dia, ga keliatan ceking bgt ya?!

  4. Ckckckckck…my ade2..masi ngebahas gay juga ya? i tot it’s the past already..rgb, just say “ok2 i’m gay” she is happy n i…Nekche!!!a centil new nickname for ya tau knp ei,just pop up in my mind..hihihi..*back to topic* I told ya to take pic of Nici ei…ei2..r ya really going to use the udong pouch?kekekek..i believe u r wearing it rite now..ya toh??lol..Btw, what an excuse!!!buying urself a bday if it wasn’t ur bday u still bought it la..Yummyy…japanese dessertttttttps: why is ur looks really thin on the pics w/ captain eh? kayak cacingan makan lhaaaaaa..oh n that face..haiizz..don’t wanna say the word u said b4, exam 2morrow ei..

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