Good morning peeps!
So, here I am, sitting in front of my laptop inside the office…
It’s not cold now…but I guess later, as usual, it will be freezing just like in the Arctic >.<
Fui Yee just came…at first I thought she won’t come cos usually she always comes earlier than I do…hehehehe….
Just 3 people here…me, Fui Yee, and Adeline [permanent staff], and our boss still haven’t come yet.

Anyway, today is FRIDAY!! Yayy…TGIF ^^
Finally, weekend is coming =)
As always, I always feel happy when it comes to Friday, and when Sunday comes [esp. Sunday evening], I always feel like *sigh* “tomorrow is Monday again…”. I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t have that “I-Hate-Monday” session because I didn’t have class on Monday, rite? But for now, there will be “I-Hate-Monday” session because I need to work on Monday…
[btw, I guess everybody feels the same way I do, no?]

Oh yea, yesterday I saw the christmas decoration in Mid Valley…so cute. Those candy house with christmas trees..Too bad I didn’t bring my digicam with me, but I still can take pictures the next time I go there.hehehe…

Hmmm..what am I writing about, anyway?? Nonsense…hahahaha
Nvm…happy it’s Friday…hauahauahauahauahuahaua….

Ohh..and here’s a pic I should have posted on the previous post, but it left out…hehehehe…

~The Nici Store in 1u with its’ cute Christmas sticker on the glass window~

Nekk…sorry I didn’t take the picture of the inside, soalnya takut ga boleh ama yang jaga…hehehehe..but you can get the idea of what’s inside, rite?hehehehehehe

6 thoughts on “TGIF ^^

  1. YEAH!!!look cuteeeeeeeee!!! T_T why oh why can’t take the inside one ei..loe hrse potoin the turtle nekkk!!!!!huaaa..*haiz..wat’z w/ me n turtle?!?lol*I KNOW, RITE!!I FEEL THAT WAY EVERY SUNDAY TOO!!!ARRRGGGHHH…Grr…final week is coming..dead week 1st though..hihi..Dah ah..back to chat..muaks2 sis!!!

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