Warning: The following pictures will surely make your saliva drooping…
Make sure there is a box of tissue right beside you.

Little Penang Kafe, KLCC…

~Red Bean Soya~

~The delicious Curry Mee..ssluurrrpptt~

~The signature dish of Penang…Char Kway Teaow..with some coconut sprinkle on top~

Kiku Zakura, Avenue K…

The cozy environment…

and they have two rooms like this…some kind of VIP room…

~The menu…a problem for a “choosing disorder” patient like me…~

~Our starter…Tamagoyaki…~

~Got green soba from them as another appetizer…~

~The nice tea cup~
~Angel’s meal..I forgotten the name..izzit Udon and sushi set??~

~My Kiku Zakura Bento…I didn’t expect it to be this
~A close up look of the bento *Oi, take tissue first la, don’t let your saliva drop to your computer*~

7 thoughts on “…

  1. gust: waktu itu gue ngomongin bakso, malemnya loe beneran beli bakso..sekarang jadi pengen ke resto jepang juga?hihihihi…nek: ahh..ngiler donk..ngiler! *maksa*..hwahahahahahha…yea, it’s cool..i mean the place is cozy, and airconnya sih dingin abis nek..mate dah..kalo kelamaan disitu bisa jadi popsicle gue…christal: arghhhh yeaa, i think i am the one who’s drooling over penang food rite now…i am looking at the curry mee pic, and i feel like eating it…summore, it’s cold here in office >.<cya soon girlmuach

  2. wakakakaka…….i’m RIGHT back in PENANG now & i’ve eaten till i bloated up… huahahahha….& yes, i had Japanese food btw lunch & dinner today looking over this post does not makes me drool… so are you now drooling over coz i get to eat the authentic PENANG FOOD, which cost me much lesser than the resto u went to….huahahahahaha….see u around soon, gal…

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