Rainy Sunday

[Ermm..sorry..the title above isn’t match with the content below..hehehe]

Spent this Sunday with my dear Mochi and Elbert [half way..hehe]
We went to 1U to find something to eat for lunch. At first we wanted to go to Shogun with Angel as well, but she didn’t feel well in the morning, so she didn’t go with us.

After we arrived in 1U, we had difficulty in deciding where to eat…haha…

And we ended up in…

While waiting for almost 20 minutes for seating, we were flipping the menu back and forth, thinking which one to eat…but since we have choosing disorder syndrome, we were really confuse of what to eat…
Even after we got the seat and the waitress gave us the menu, we still flipped through them *again* and…were even more confuse! lol…
and our final decision…

~My…umm..what’s the name again??ermm…ahhh yaa…Tequila-lime grilled fish..hehehe~

~his bacon burger [Edit: it’s a BBQ Ranch Burger..hihihi]. Congrats for finishing it, dear..hwauahauahauahua~

After FILLING *take note…all caps*, we directly moved on to our next destination: Sunway Pyramid to accompanied Elbert buy some stuffs for his sister and friends.
The shopping time ended up by…


And I saw this in Sunway…

~A Christmas carol by a church *I forgotten the name* in Subang Jaya~

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