Love is like a butterfly

Love is like a butterfly

The more you chase it, the more it runs away

But if you let it fly, it will come to you unexpectedly

Love can make you happy, but often make you sad as well

But love will be precious if it is given to someone who appreciate it

So do not rush and choose the best

Love is not about how to be “perfect” for someone, but how to find someone who can help you to be yourself

Don’t ever say “I Love You” if you don’t mean it

Don’t ever talk about feeling that never existed

Don’t ever come into someone’s life if it will broke his heart

Don’t ever look into his eyes if all you do is lying

You can feel sadness as long as you want and as hurtful as you allow it to be

The hardest part is not about how to deal with the sadness, but how we take a lesson from it

Love hurts when you were separated with someone

It hurts more if you are forgotten by the one you love

It hurts EVEN more if the one you love doesn’t know how you feel…

The saddest thing in life is to find someone and fall in love with him just to find out that he is not the one for you and you have spent a lot of time for someone who has never appreciated it

If he is not “worth it” now, he will never be “worth it” next year or the next 10 years

Let him go…even if it hurts…

7 thoughts on “Love is like a butterfly

  1. mochi: backwards writing style, eh?lolat first i thought it’s somekind of god language or wat…pam: hmmm…after i post it, mochi said he will ask you to read it and suddenly i remember about ur problem..”ey..yea, this post somehow reflects pam’s situation at the moment”hehehe..cheers ^_^

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