Musical is one of the best way to heal tiredness from

Went to watch a Christmas Musical with Mochi last Friday, after work…
It was a musical done by Metro Tabernacel Church [Pam, izzit correct? Pardon me if I’m wrong] titled ‘Word On The Street”

Although it was quite a short musical, I’d say it was nice ^_^

And we met Pamela there…She’s Mochi‘s online best friend *I mean, they knew each other through the internet..[the power of]* since..ermm..a year ago *if I’m not mistaken*, but they have never met each other until invited him to watched the musical and she was one of the dancers…

So..after so long…ta daaaa…

~Pam and Muchi…a braided-haired-girl and a

And when I reached home…
I found this on my laptop table…

Wondering who gave me this???

Then I found out it was a Christmas present from Angel, my tante kos..hahaha…

When I opened it…

Wuaaaaaa….Udong’s mug! Remember last time I wrote that Udong’s mug is on my next mission? came true on…
Thank youuuu tante kos…muach muach…^^

Some more, I wanna wish my tuwins [a.k.a Juanita], Melati, and Michelle Lovena who celebrated their birthday on the 16th of December…
May all of you have a nice bday…^_^

And yesterday Melati came to my house because Angel told her to..since she doesn’t know the way to her house, so she invited her to our place instead [terbalik ga sih? yang ulang taun malah yang dateng ke tempat pemberi kado..hahaha]

~Her blueberry cheese birthday cake~

~Yeaa..bithday she was lucky..we only gave her water+egg..mwahahaha~

Once again, happy birthday to the three girls…muach muach muach
GBU all ^_^

7 thoughts on “Lalalala

  1. pam: yea..he’s a babi..memang..lolchristal: yeaaa at last we’re gonna meet up this sat =)miss u lotssssssand early christmas greeting from me, too..*although i think i will say it again when i meet*xoxocyaaaa

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