Happy New Year!!

Good morning! It’s been 2 weeks since the last time I made a good use of this blog of mine to share my bawelness…

Well, christmas was good. Went to church in the morning and continue with jalan2 around KL until night. Although all of us were exhausted, but we had fun 🙂

Then…we went to Taman Negara at Kuala Tahan, Pahang. Wahh…it was such a nice place! So nice to see all those greenies after looking at the computer for almost 24 hours a day.
The worst part was only when we had to ride the jetty from Kuala Tembeling to Taman Negara cos it took us 3 hours to reach there! Three hours sitting on a cushion didn’t feel good…My tulang ekor hurts a lot, and the same goes to the others as well…
But it was worth it when we reached Taman Negara, and we went for trekking. Night jungle walk and Jungle trekking in the morning, both were interesting, especially when we were walking along the longest *or highest? ermm..I forgot =p* canopy in the world! Woooo~ It was so nice to see those greenies from 40m above the ground..haha..*although, I admit, it was a bit scary sometimes*
Although I was tired from the trekking, but seeing those beautiful scenery makes me forgot about my tiredness…

After Taman Negara, here comes Genting…yea..after tak jadi went to Genting on the 26th of Dec *we were overslept =p*, on the 30th of Dec. Six of us went there [all of the children], including my dear 香蕉。。。hahaha

After having fun for one whole day in Genting, the next day was New Year’s Eve…
Went to Sunway and Bukit Bintang..well, at first we wanted to do the countdown at BB, but since we were not sure about the transportation to get back home, we ended up went back home at 10 something pm..and by the time the clock striked 00:00, we were just reached my house…Shouted Happy New Year out loud to the neighbors was fun..hahaha

And I was supposed to be back in the office by Jan 3rd, but on the 2nd day of the new year, I fell sick! I caught a bad flu till I suffered from fever+headache -_-
So today is my first day of going back to work..hehehe

Anyway, lots of things happened in 2006 *it passed so fast!* , both good and bad. I couldn’t list them down since I am a bit forgetful =p, but I will try to pinpoint some important ones…

:: It was the year when I turned headtwo. Means aku sudah bertambah tuaaa..harus menjalani hidup dengan lebih baik. hahaha
:: Finally I could get over with my “cinta bertepuk sebelah tangan” …
:: …and my friendship with Mochi slowly blossomed into love..from close friend upgraded to boyfriend…lo gong zaiiiiii…~
:: I got my braces *tLing…tLingggg*
:: I found baby udong…lol..*ok, this is not important at all..lol*
:: I built an even better relationship with my friends and family ^^
:: ……………..
:: ……………..
:: ……………..

Ermm…well, I guess that’s all I can think of for now :p

I hope 2007 will be a better year for all of us. May we all have a blessed year ahead with lots of happiness, love, success, and topped up with good luck as well ^^

Finally, although it’s been late for 4 days, I wanna wish all of you…
Happy New Year!!

*late is better than never, rite?hehehe*

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. siss..tadi gue coba reply msg loe di msn tapi direject mulu..huhu..payah deh..abis itu connection di kantor up down up down mulu..ampe cape. trus ampe sekarang msn blom bisa konek…huee…err..wonderful cute sis? ermm…ihihihi… :p

  2. Wew…lo sakit sis?haiz..i ga tau..pantes ga ol2..huhu..but uda ok kan now? ya uda lha ya..uda masuk kerja gitu lho…Btw, hey nerdy!!wat did u do that make my sis got sick?wakakakak..j/k only le..Ei sis, u forgot one thing le..other good thing that happen in 2006..u got a wonderful cute sis..me!!!lmao…eh check out my xanga btw..hihi..

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