Kotak Jeruk…

Today is the last day of my internship. 2 months in Orange Box Asia [or as I called it “Kotak Jeruk Asia”..hehehe] has given me such experience.

With 2 boss and 2 colleagues, the company may be small, but wait, don’t judge a company by its’ number of people *is there such saying?*. It’s what’s inside that counts. Smaller company means I can learn everything needed to be done in the process of managing an event =)

And yea, I admit I felt bored and sleepy sometimes cos sometimes there was no work to be done.

Adeline and Eugene, you guys rocks! Being with two crazy fellas in the office ease my boredom. Hahahaha…

Not forgetting Fui Yee..my dear classmate who has stick with me throughout these 2 months…hehehehehe…

Lots of fun stuffs we’ve passed together. Wearing casual apparel when boss were away overseas, karaoke on Friday, lunch time, watch movie and take pictures when boss was not around, played the “guess-what-is-this” game *they have a term for it, but I forgotten what is it :p*,…

I also learn how to do research for exhibitions and exhibitors, how to call expected-exhibitors, and what to do when you meet a client, and stuffs.

Well, I dunno what else to write. It’s been a pleasure for me to meet all those people in Kotak Jeruk..hihihi…


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