Went to see Gamarjobat last Friday [Feb 2nd] *Finally I could go to The Actors*. Those two comedian fellas are so damn funny!!
OMG…Muchi and I couldn’t stop laughing from the beginning until the end of the show…
I love the way they do the slow-motion act. So smooth! Especially when they did the ‘Rocky- *yea, Rocky the movie!* kinda-look-a-like. It’s like those slow-motion acts in the movies! But those were made with a help from mister computer. This one was naturally made. I think both of them were born to be mimes. Lol…

And they can interact with the audience very well. Asking the audience to go crazy with them and stuffs.

Seriously, you guys should go and watch this show. Go to, book the ticket [they will still be performing until Feb 11th 2007…QUICK!!], start your engine, and off to The Actors Studio Bangsar to see those two crazy-awesome-smart fellas.
My suggestion: Take the very front seat *like what Muchi and I did* and you will enjoy the show better. You can see them very clearly…lol. Don’t worry, the stage is not that high. It’s very low, in fact. So you don’t have to worry of torturing and spoiling your neck looking upwards for approximately 1.5 hours.

To prepare: Strong tummy muscles as you will be laughing your tummy off. Oh, and also prepare your jaws to get tired. Mine got tired from laughing all the way during the show.

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