34 minutes before Valentine’s day ends…

My valentine’s day this year is good. Very very good I must say =D It began with a surrrrprise from Mochi.

First, he told me he was going to sleep early cos he was tired [on msn]. That time was around 11 something. When I was doing my internship report, at 10 minutes before 2am *It was already 14th of feb*, suddenly….. *Yi Shou Jian Dan De Ge playing from my phone~the ring tone I set for him* I was like “Heee??! I thought he is already in pulau kapuk. Why suddenly he called me?”

Then he asked me to go to the balcony, and when I was walking to the balcony, Juan asked me to closed my eyes and she covered them as well. Lol… When I opened my eyes….

OMG! He created a GIANT I [Heart] U from tea candles at the tennis court in front of my block! Those tea candles he bought in Ikea [Refer this to my previous post]!!*Yea2, he actually lied to me about his sister asked him to buy the candles*

[Picture was taken from my balcony on the 9th floor…Errm…the picture is not clear, eh? Coz I used night mode and was rushing when I took the picture because the wind started to blew the fire off -_-]

I actually scream at that time *kan kaget*…lol. And what’s more, LOTS *yea, LOTS!* of people looked from their own balconies and started to shout, whistling, take pics, and I heard one of them shouted “I Love You too!”..hahaha

After the candle light…he went upstairs to my house and…

A big bunch of roses have been waiting for me =D

Thanks a lot chayank…You were successful [again] in surprising me this Val’s day =)
After a ‘crazy’ preparation and asked for help from my housemates and friends, I would say you were succeed. Lol..Too bad the wind wasn’t too friendly that time..
What a nice start for our first Val’s day, eh? Lol.

And the rest of the day we spent it with movies and jalan2 ^^

Last but not least…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

~Thanks to Angel’s new Canon IXUS *I forgot the series*. Digital camera is getting canggih and canggih everytime. I didn’t use Photoshop to desaturate the picture and leave a one-spot-color on it like how I always do…just a click! and that’s it…so easy -_- … bikin gue yang selalu bikin pake photoshop jadi sakit ati..hihi :p ~

12 thoughts on “Val’s…

  1. waduh… enaknya couple neh… touched by the 500 candles huhh…i realised his indo juga udah improved alot ye… lol… by the way, thx for carrying all the way 6 pax of Teh Bottle & 24 packs of INDO MIE… i really love them. A few of my friends had actually asked for it… but me… being kedekut… ga jd buet mereka.. huauauallalalakaka….

  2. Huh??how come no passport?never been outside malay??Better swim via here?lol..Btw, kemana your girlfriend??not ol at all..gotta be busy eating..wakakak…she called or msged u??

  3. Hahaha…Moch..moch!!she’ll be back soon enough..why don’t u jump to the next plane n surprise her..that’ll be soooo zwiitt..ahahaha..I just hope u won’t get lost the moment u step ur foot on Jakarta’s airport donk!!!i lost my 1 true chatting fren nih!!lol..Mochi, how bout u chat w/ me replacing her for 10 days..bole ga nek???LOL..

  4. Aih!!!org dodol!!gw cabut dia malah ol ye!!lagi ngapain sih??detik2 takir ma moch2 ya..ampe saya dilupakan di msn!?!?LOL…Iya!!!!jakarta oh jakarta foto saya janganlha lupaa..LOL..Have fun lha sis!!!muacccchhhhhh

  5. indo nek. film remaja gitu deh..Ah payah ni providernya..provider loe apa gue neh yang dodol?btw, 5 jam lagi saya akan terbang ke jakartaaa~ =Dhauahauahua biarinnn..kan bangga pake batik =D lol

  6. Blm ntn…film apa tuh? Ga..di drama2 asia kan byk tuh..n bknnya co lo doyan yach?wakakak..Ga nyampe gile!!lo kmana lagi ol nih…Dasar mank lemot..saya kan menyindir tuh..pakenya dia malah bangga…huahahahaIya tnyata ga item uda gw bilang..I’m not a flower expert but TWEETY expert fo’

  7. mochi: yes, for sure =Dnek: Wahahahahaha…ini kebetulan nek, loe dah nonton dealova blom? di film itu juga ada yang adegan cowonya bikin i [heart] u pake lilin tapi lebih kecil n bikinnya di kolam renang gitu…tapi si mochi blom pernah nonton tu pilem si..hihihiand yea, that is batik. Lol..nice yaa..pewe banget pula..wahahahahhaeh, gue bales sms loe nek..delivered koq. masa loe ga terima??n itu bunganya bukan udah mau mati..whahahaha..itu gara2 kameranya aja. bunganya masi fresh banget koq. yang baru mau bloom gitu..itu gue post gambar bunganya doang biar loe liat..hehehe

  8. Aiyaaa!!so romantis ei…berasa kayak di film2 aja..wakakakak…kocak..which movie did u copy it from, moch??Btw, r the roses almost die or something?why is it look so black?the cam may be huh?? Maklum saya bkn flower expert..kan lo tau nek i ga suka bunga..hihi..Btw nek..nice clana batik..ROFL..that is batik right?look like one from…Eh, lo ga ada pulsa ya??sms saya ga dibales???haizz…Mochi..good job!!I must say so far so good..heheHAPPY VDAY TO U ALL!!!!!!

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