Photos part 1 – food

Harrrowwwww Maraysiaa…

I’m back!!

After 10 days of food and happiness in Jakarta, here I am back again in Cyberjaya.
Not gonna post a long entry this time *I guess*. Just some pictures to show you guys some of the food[S] I deal with…hehehe =D

Ketoprak oh Ketoprakkk…Nyammm…It’s been quite long since I eat this =)

Bakmi GM
J.Co Doughnuts..See the green one? That’s my fave! Green tea =D
Mie Ujung Pandang Bintang Gading…

and it’s completed with…

Bakso Goreng! A must-have condiment *for me* in eating
*my mouth is watering by now*

Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Bought this in the morning before I flew back to Msia. Just for
The one in the middle is New York Cheese Cake flavour..and it’s yummy…nyam nyam..

Soto Kudus Gereja Ayam! with the condiments as well~ Slurrrpttt…but sadly the taste isn’t as nendang as it was before the original recipe creator and cook [a.k.a the uncle] passed away =(

And the best food I’ve eaten during my ten days holiday…

Taraaaa…..Seafood in Sunda Kelapa!!
Ahh…my mouth is really really watering by now…from kepiting asap, kepiting saos tiram, kangkung, cumi bakar, sayur asem, udang…ooohhhh…heavennnnnnnnnnn…Sluurrptt…

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