Photos part 2 – CNY 2558

CNY eve…

Hmm..supposedly we spend this day with our big family, right?
But over the past few years, I haven’t had a chance to celebrate it with my whole big family. Mostly because they were busy, I guess =(
Eh wait…I spent the last year’s CNY eve with my paternal side relatives…hehehe =)
But for the CNY day, for sure I will spend it with my beloved family and relatives =D [Usually with my paternal side relatives]

Some more…
During CNY eve, usually people eat chinese food. Am I right?
But 2 years ago [2005], I had a BBQ at home and three families [including mine] spent the CNY eve by having BBQ dinner and Capsa and UNO card game…hehehe =)

Last year, it was chinese food [back to the ritual]

and this year, we had seafood!! Together with my family’s best friend [which is a family also lar], we had seafood in Sunda Kelapa Seafood Restaurant! Woooo~~ well, the price might be a bit expensive, but the taste is really really really worth it! [For picture, refers this to my previous post and see the last picture]

And for the CNY day, well, as usual, gathering in one of my auntie’s house. I’ve never had a chance to celebrate CNY with my maternal side family *as long as I can remember* because they are not staying in Jakarta, but mostly in central Java. Some in HK pula…so far…

Ok2, let’s cut the crap here and continue with the photos…

The CNY eve 2007’s full team in red

We went to the Vihara Buddha Bakti Ancol after dinner *Yea, I am not a Buddhist but I like to go to a temple..hehehe =) *

Lots of people were doing the CNY eve ritual there. I just wandering around and took pictures…hehehehe…

Me and the giant candles…feel so small. Lol

And I tell you, there are LOTS [Yea, LOTS] of beggars outside the vihara there and they keep on following the visitors begging for money…A sad scenery..but we couldn’t just simply gave money to one or some of them because if we did, the rest will follow them to beg from us as well and I guess you can imagine how will it be…

After that, we went to La Piazza. They have these statues of the 12 chinese zodiac [some of them were kinda cute. lol]. There was a lion dance show as well.

Me and Cimir with our chinese zodiac statue. Fire Tiger rocks! Lol

I like the snake one. Quite cute, eh? Lol..This is my dad, anyway =D

On CNY day…

The CNY food =)
Home cooked food by my auntie. Yea, she’s a good cook. A very good one, I must say

One thing I like on CNY: I can see my li’l cousin brothers and sisters and also my nephews and nieces =D

One of my beloved li’l nephews =D
Kennard Norbert

A baby Spiderman on another of my li’l baby nephews, Cyrano [sounds like Nissan Terrano?hihihi :p]

This is Cyranno =)…

…and this is his brother, Dennis

Keyzia =)

Jessie, her younger sister

And I saw my new nephew on the CNY eve’s morning…

Ryan Angelo =D
Kennard’s li’l brother

Me feeding him cos his milk bottle was away from his mouth when I arrived at his house, and he cried. So I put it back in his mouth. Hehehehe

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