Happy birthday sis! =D

Happy 21st Bday, Nana@Nenek@Sis!!
All the best and many happy returns to you!

Thanks for being my best sister
For sharing almost anything
Well, we can talk about anything
without hurting each other’s feeling


Arghh…I am out of words. Sorry nek, I was trying to write a poem or something, but ended up I am stuck. Lol.
Anyway, again, for the fourth time….


Don’t forget to tell me the story of your party, and share the pics as well like usual ^^


me =D

p.s: oh, and i pity you for having exam on this special day..Lol =p

7 thoughts on “Happy birthday sis! =D

  1. dudutz!!!itu mksdnya..kan gw bilang ai ni!!ai ni!! buat lo..nah buat mochi..ga mo bilang yg sama laa..since yg ai ta bu shi wo…but u!!!!got it??

  2. awww!!!!tankk u sisssss!!!!!!!!!*although u r stuck, i know lhaa..no words can describe me..i’m that special..hihii*ai ni!!ai ni!!!muaccksss….thanks mochi!!!amel ai ni *bkn gw..lol*

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