Reasons of blogging…

Yesterday I kena tagged by Christal, my pooh-fanatic friend in senior by one semester as well, an indomie and teh botol lover..hihihi I have to state 5 reasons why I blog…
Hmm..lemme crack my head first…. *think think think*


1. My online journal
To keep a soft copy of my precious moments I’ve experienced so I can korek the archives some other time in the next ermmm…unlimited time? lol.
And IF *once again, IF* there is something wrong with my laptop or PC or hard disk *knock wood*, I will still be able to see A FEW of my pictures here in my blog *I’m kinda agree with you, Chris*
Blog can be my reminder of those memories in case I forget. Lol…

2. To share my bawel-ness
Hahaha…yea..I am a bawel person, I guess =p
So one of the ways to share my bawel-ness is by blogging. Hahaha…Well, just in case my bao bei and my dear friends are tired of hearing me talking *or I am lazy to talk*, I can just simply ask them to read my blog about the story I wanted to tell them about. Lol

3. As an up-to-date news source of myself…
so my friends who are staying far away from me [read: overseas] can get update news about me =D and good and bad things that had happened to me. Hehehehe…

4. As a place for me to share my happiness to other people
Well, it’s always good to share, isn’t it? =)

5. …….*I have no idea*.
Actually I didn’t blog this much during the first few months when I created this blog. I only blog occasionally *really OCCASIONALLY*. But now I guess I’ve become quite a regular blogger…It’s fun to write craps anyway =p

Ok, now I need to find a few people to be tagged…
Hmm…*checking my buddies’ list…
Here goes…

1. Mochi *you can’t run away.Lol*
2. Nana *you can use this as an update for your blog, nek..haha*
3. Agnes
4. Pam
5. Tine


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