Shoes oh shoes…

So yesterday I had this sudden urge to buy shoes. Dunno where it came from. Lol
More, I went to KLCC with Mochi yesterday…
And there it goes~ I dragged him to Vincci. Lol. Lucky that the-most-famous-malaysian-shoe-brand-which- indons-loved-so-much store wasn’t crowded like it usually is during weekend *and I won’t enter that yellowish-themed-store if I don’t need or really want to get a pair of shoes or slippers or what during weekends – this applies for Vincci store in KLCC only*

As a result…

Weee~ two pairs! =D
Errmm..the models are kinda similar izzit? Just that one with heels and the other is flat.
Ahh..I am in love with my new shoes! Especially the green one. Thanks to him for helping me chose them *ermm..the green one for specific, cos we spotted the red one at the same time. Lol*

Hmmm…but my shopping urge hasn’t been fulfilled though. Haven’t got time to go for it. Haha…

listen to: dancing in the moonlight – toploader
current weather: heavy rain + wind + thunder *again*
current mood: happy as usual ^^
current event: 4th month of being together with tau fu fa. yea2 i know it’s still a very short
current thought: it’s week 9 oredi?!!! omg -_-
current assignments on waiting list: pr’s essay, mdi’s iphone prototype, ftv’s corporate video, pr’s case study, mdi’s social awareness interactive, cad biweekly exam, cad individual assignment.
current action after listing them down: banging head on the laptop table *duk duk duk*

8 thoughts on “Shoes oh shoes…

  1. Iya nek, gue jg dah bilang ama dia..kayaknya kalo sepatui loe blom pernah diajarin bikin dehh..hihihi..ouw, loe blom kasi tau tuh..nanti liat yaaa…hehehehe =)

  2. Gila ya…bikin sepatu sendiri?!?mana isa lha!!!Anak fesyen sih anak fesyen..but bikin sepatuu..don’t think so..Duh..lapeerrr…Btw nek..uda gw kasi tau blm klo gw lagi bikin dress baru lagi nih..hihihi…i’ll show u when it’s done like next next wednesday..hohhooho~

  3. Hahaha bisa juga si..roknya minnie kan merah polkadot putih..hihihi…iya nekk..sendal gue yang pink ada 2. kitten heels gitu deh..ermm..trus yaa converse pink gue itu..hihi..apa lagi ya??umm… that’s all i guess.hahahan yang baby yellow…ermm..maksudnya si mochi loe disuruh bikin sendiri tu nek..since eloe anak fesyen..D.I.Y! Lol

  4. Hihihi…iyaa..n gw baru mikir2 gitu tadi..minnie mouse kan punya dress yg merah polka dotnya mirip kali yee…lol..Waddohh..lo punya byk pink nek?mana2 liat donk!!blm perna liat saya…I wish it’s that easy to find cute baby yellow one here..huhu..

  5. Lol. yea, i don’t want to be taplak meja dong nekk..hahaha…btw, kaki gue lecet2 dikit neh gara2 pake yang merah. bagian tumit ama kelingking kaki kanan. soalnya kan bagian putihnya plastik tuh. masai keras gitu jadi lecet deh..huhu…the green one..ermm..well, i am oso not a green lover, but this time the green color is soft sooo…yea..hihi..ada warna pinknya juga nek, but gue pikir ganti suasana sekali2..masa gue beli pink lagi pink lagi?!itu 2 biji abis rm119.80..ohohoho…ehh gue dah lamaaa nek ga syopink. itu kemaren baru syoping itu lagi. gue terakhir belanja pas christmas aja.setelah itu blom lagi…heheheerrr..kenapa jadi minnie mouse?gara2 pitanya de pasti..ahahaha

  6. Well!!!the red one is cuter due to the BOLD bow!!BUTTTTT!!!!red plaid shoes+red plaid shirt..wat do we got??? or petani2 or taplak meja!!!Jadi!!!plz don’t do that combination ok sis!?!!?!The green one!!urghh!!*green hater alert* it’ll be sooo much better if it’s in baby yellow!!!cuuuuuuutttteeeeeeeee!!!!But in general..since i love bow or pita2 gitu..cuteee!!!!Abis brp lo nek??blanja trus!!!!!*just realized* Setelah ngeliat yg merah lama2 kok di otak gw muncul minnie mouse ya?!?!huahahhahaMOCHI…not bad for a

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