the worst syndrome…

the laziness syndrome has been attacking me since last semester..
well, this is a secret: once i am rajin i can be very rajin and hardworking, but once i am lazy, i can be the laziest person ever. lol
but..since last semester *or the previous previous previous semester?lol*, i have been so damn lazy, and this semester,’s getting worse and worse and worse -_-

hey, my classmates also feel the same way! Dunno why, but i guess it’s because this is our last semester, and we are looking forward to graduation or what, so we are being so very berry lazy ass! gosh…

and this week is week 10 oredi…arrghhh….and piles of work is still queuing on the waiting list -_-
*umm..not that much work actually…as my semester getting higher and higher, i realized that my work quantities is getting lesser compared to my 2nd semester where assignments were piling up high like hell! There was always at least 1 or 2 assignments to be submitted EVERY week *yep, note it: every week. Well, there were 1 or 2 weeks free from those workloads, but hey, it didn’t make so much different, did it? Lol*
and sometimes there were 3 assignments to be submitted in a week.

now, i am kinda a bit free *are you sure, mel?!*
ah, it’s still the same anyway…college life…

but i guess i will miss it after i graduate this umm..june/july? not sure tho. lol

2 thoughts on “the worst syndrome…

  1. HAHAHA!!TOTALLY NEK!!!Setuju bgt…sekalinya rajinnnn..rajiinnnn abizz…but skalinya malezz…bujut..bener2 uda 2 semester terakir ttpppppp kerjaaannnn numpuk puk!!haizz…nasib saya anak design yachh??lol…Jumat ini aja ada advertising project due, but baru bikin gbrnya doank 1 biji pula..haizz..blm gara2 dress itu yg kudu dikerjain di lab doank due next wed..cape2!!!Lho..kok jadi curhat??LOL..

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