Easter Triduum

Soo..today is Holy Thursday [or Maundy Thursday, however you wanna say it]. The beginning of the Easter Triduum. Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and finally Easter Sunday!


Currently, we, international students in Malaysia need to do a new immigration card, or as they call it iKad *the effect of iPod yang merajalela. Lol* . At the moment we have the old immigration card, which is quite ugly I can say, because the picture is B&W and the quality is not nice enough. And more, the color is green…

Yesterday I found out from my friend that we have to make a new immigration card. New look and color photo. So I went to the Hall of Fame yesterday [the immigration people were setting up the computers and photo “booth” there. First of all we need to register. I q-ed for the registration, and when my turn came, I gave my immigration card to the immigration ppl…

Immigration guy [IG] : Have you extend your student visa?
Me : Yea, I put it in about a month ago *fyi, sometimes it can take up to 2 months to extend our student visa where they said it’s supposed to be A month only -_-* but it’s not done yet. I’ve checked to the student service this morning, but my passport wasn’t there yet.

IG : Oh, then sorry, you can’t renew your card because we need
the latest number on your student visa.
Me : Eh? Oh..So I can’t renew it now la?
IG : Yea, you need to wait for it to be done first. Nvm, you wait for it
first then only you process your card.
Me : But you guys will only be here today rite?
IG : If we can’t finish by today, we will come again tomorrow.
Me : Then how?
IG : So later after your visa is done, you may need to do it in the
immigration office.
Me : ………………..
Oh, Ok then. Thanks.

*Me walked away*

Then in the afternoon, after FTV class, I went to HOF again. This time I wanted to try to registered with another person, cos Mata has the same problem with me (visa hasn’t done yet) but yet she could proceed…
And Achie need to take photo…and the q for photo capture….OMG. Damn long!!

So I approached this chinese man, who looks like the person in charge…

Me : Excuse me
The man : Yes? [with a smiling face]
Me : Ermm…can we do the card now although the visa isn’t done yet? Cos earlier on I
tried to register with that guy *pointing at the registration guy* and he said that I
couldn’t renew my card cos my visa hasn’t done yet.
The man : Oh yea, you can’t renew it if your visa is not done yet because we need the latest
number stated on your student visa.
Me : So I need to wait until my visa done? [why did I ask such a stupid q?]
The man : Yes.
Me : Buthen if I have to wait for my visa to be done, where should I do the card then?
The man : Either here *pointing to the left* or there *pointing to the right*
Me : Umm..there? Where is that?
The man : In the office. Putrajaya. It’s just across *pointing to the right again* there.
Me : Haaa?! ….Oh ok then. Thank you.
The man : Your welcome.

After that I had been thinking about how if I have to go Putrajaya searching for immigration office, do my immigration card there, and so on…

And I’m lazy to do that!

But today…

I purposely went into Student Service this morning before I came to class, just to check whether the list of “Visa done” on the black bulletin board has increased from 4 pages to..erm…5/6/7/8…and hoped to find the name “Amelia Apsari” there.

To my disappointment, the list hasn’t changed…
Until I saw a woman brought out a plastic container containing passports. I quickly asked Ms. Junaedah, the “head” for visa settlement whether there’s another shot of passports came in or not, and she said yes! So Arif *I met him in Student Service* and I asked the woman in charge for visa today. But again, our passports haven’t come in =(

Buthen she and another man in charge of visa said that we could do our card. Just show them our ID card and the old immigration card.

And that’s it la! Lol~

I went to class to sign attendance ONLY *it’s FTV tutorial, which is actually progression check only* and off I go to the HOF.
To my horror, when I enter that big auditorium…

OMG! The q line for the photo taking is DAMN LOOOOOONNNNGGGGGGGGGG although they have increased the number of the photo “booth” from just 3 yesterday to 7 today *although they only use 5 of it*, and the q line for the registration is no difference..ermm well it’s far more shorter though. Lol.
But at least we were keep on moving when we were q-ing for registration cos there are around 4 registration counters and it’s a fast thing to do. Just show your passport/the photocopy of it/old immigration card/student ID and they will punch in the passport no, then put our left n right thumbs on a small machine as the identity, and that’s it. We can proceed to the next level: photo taking…which is such a horror to see those students q-ing for it…

OMG..seriously, by the time I saw the LOOOOOOONGGGGGGGGG Q line, I was like “Haihz…how long do I have to wait?”

Ummm let me illustrate it to you so you can imagine it. Lol~

Students q-ing for the registration

Registration also. Oh, and the man standing there in black suit is the nice man I talked to.

You can see students were q-ing on the right side. That’s where I will join the crowd later -_-

After done with the registration, sitting at the very first chair at the last row of the photo q-ing line *there were 2 sections for photo btw, 3 on the stage *which students were q-ing on the left side*, and 4 on the right side *not on the stage*, while the registration and verification counters were in the middle of the HOF.

I looked at my watch: 01: 15 pm.

Ok, let’s see how long do I need to get to t he first row??

I started to q at the start point there (the 5th row)…

I’m somewhere in the pic. GO find me. Clue: the girl in pink tee and doesn’t look at the camera.

answer: third row from behind, second from the left, beside the guy in black.

OMG! The q was really really long and yea, waiting is tedious right? Since it will be a loooong waiting, I asked Mochi to brought me a pencil and eraser + paper to the HOF. Lol. I brought no stationery today…forgotten =p

So yeah, I tried to do sketches for my advertising assignment, and tried to list down the GOBO Production *my ftv production group’s name. LOL* ‘s activities that have been done during this pre-production session *yea, we are in the making of a corporate video, Sari Ratu corporate video for specific, and now we are in the pre-production*
But still…we moved sooooo slowly…one chair by one chair *move move*. Luckily some of my friends were there and I sat one / two rows behind them, so when the time is right, we can chit chat a bit. Lol~
02:00 pm….
I have moved to the 4th row…the very edge one..means I’m gonna move to the 3rd row soon…
02:15 pm…
I left my chair for awhile and asked Ms. Junaedah from the student service whether the immigration ppl will come back again tomorrow, and she said yes. Just in a second, I decided that I will just take photo tomorrow. I dunwan to wait for another 2 or 3 hours just to get a snap of my photo *they took picture very slow! I dunno why, and some more, the system was getting slow, due to heavy traffic I guess?!*
So I sat still on my chair and waited for Juan to came and replace me. She has registered yesterday but haven’t got her photo taken. Since I have to rush home to go to church as well *mass at 6 pm*, I just give my seat to her.
03:00 pm…
I have moved to the 3rd row.
Juan came and replace me…
Bubbye Hall of Fame…
Happy q-ing guys *talk inside..hihihi =p*

And off I go back home to put stuffs and changed to long pants from quite-mini skirt since I’m going to church.
After church, nasi padang was the chosen dinner. Mochi chose it since he has been craving for it since a few days ago. So we went to Sari Ratu Bukit Bintang together with his parents and sis Mag.
When I reached home, I asked Juan how long did she need to wait…
and guess what…
From that 3rd row, she needed TWO more hours to get her photo taken!! Siao ar?!
Guess I have to go early tomorrow…The immigration ppl will come at around 8:30 to 9 am..
Hmm…I will just go at 9 then…
Ciao ^^


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